2014: A Year of Disappointment

With Jeff already announcing his pick for the most disappointing game of the year I feel like the Game of the Year discussion podcasts will have plenty to talk about with regards to the "Most Disappointing Game" category. Jeff already has Destiny, but I can think of plenty other games that the rest of the crew would love to throw into the mix. With the big splash that the Watch Dogs E3 demo had, I can already see this game getting a lot of recommendations based purely on everybody's reaction to that demo. Watching the Patrick and Alex podcasts, I also hope they mention The Walking Dead Season 2, and I want to hear other peoples thoughts on that game. Other games such as Assassins Creed Unity, Dark Souls 2, and Borderlands 1.5 could also be up for contention.

Can't wait for the Game of the Year discussion podcasts to start.