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Posted by Bojangle

This series has had some incredible scenes so far. Here's a few of my favourite screen captures from Episode 2. There's nothing too spoiler-ish here. Click the image for full size.

Posted by supermonkey122

Episode 2 came out in June...

Posted by SethPhotopoulos

What are you doing?

Posted by SpunkyHePanda

Oh, you mean it LOOKS awesome. Yeah, those are pretty nice.

Posted by Dragon4234

We've entered a time loop

Posted by Nightriff

Did we time travel or something?

Posted by TheHumanDove

Why is this a thing

Posted by Xeirus

It's a forum people, just calm down and let the man post....

I think the last scene in the episode is the best as far as looks go, when you're talking to the lady going up the stairs, that shit was moody as fuck.

Posted by AjayRaz

he means it looks good visually, which i'd agree with! the house scene at night was definitely one of the more moodier scenes in the game

Posted by joshthebear

Wait, huh?

Posted by IceColdGamer

Super Mario World looks pretty epic too.

Posted by Bojangle

@supermonkey122: Oh shit, I forgot you HAD to play a game as soon as it was released. Sorry. :(

But yeah, I'm (sadly) playing catch up with the series. Sorry if I confused anyone with my post.

Totally agree, Super Mario World looks great. ;)

Posted by HistoryInRust

I do love the art style to this series. I'm glad Telltale leaned into the hard, black outlines on things. I felt that sort of styling was what was missing from Jurassic Park's aesthetic.

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I also just played Episode 2 and yeah I never thought about it, but this game actually does look awesome.
It's all fairly low-poly, and the black outline stuff is ALMOST where it needs to be, but yeah they totally pull it off with smart composition and... cinematography, I guess.