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Holy shitting christ, I've never seen a more obvious marketing post. Also, games > curing cancer.


  • · A new generation of games with power from the cloud: Because every Xbox One owner has a broadband connection, developers can create massive, persistent worlds that evolve even when you’re not playing. I like how Microsoft states that “every Xbox One owner has a broadband connection”. They are talking about the 48 million gamers on Xbox Live, their core customers. And though it was great that the PS3 tried using the cloud to cure cancer with Folding@home, but I am much more excited to see what the cloud can do for my games!

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@supermonkey122: Oh shit, I forgot you HAD to play a game as soon as it was released. Sorry. :(

But yeah, I'm (sadly) playing catch up with the series. Sorry if I confused anyone with my post.

Totally agree, Super Mario World looks great. ;)

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This series has had some incredible scenes so far. Here's a few of my favourite screen captures from Episode 2. There's nothing too spoiler-ish here. Click the image for full size.

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@Kidavenger: They updated the FAQ at the bottom of the page recently.

Will making GODUS for mobile platforms mean it will be dumbed down?
No absolutely not. We are gamers at 22cans, we love depth as much as we love innovation. We will be playing the game with you during our Alpha and Beta stages, so if anyone gives us feedback we will look at that. But we're not making a dumbed down game. The PC version will be hands down the most beautiful!!
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With games like this I nearly always go for a stealth playthrough, doing my best to avoid getting seen and leaving behind as few casualties as possible. But the problem with Dishonored is that killing unsuspecting guards is just so god damn fun. This is just a short selection of various kill animations from my crazy psycho assassin playthrough from the first real mission, no story spoilers!

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Just incase you guys haven't seen it, there's an 'unofficial' sequel to Slender out now, Sanatorium. It really is pretty much a map pack for Slender with a few changes. Yep, it's still quite scary, especially when drunk.

Since we recorded that there's already another map out, Hospice. Judging from other Youtube videos that also seems worth a download, if you like your horror of the Slender Man variety.

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So I played through Amnesia: The Dark Descent way back at launch and despite it absolutely terrifying me to death each and every time I played the bloody thing I saw it through to the end (Let's ignore the fact that I actually played the last 20% or so of the game with the sound muted...)

So after our escapades with Slender we decided to playthrough Amnesia. Honestly, I wasn't expecting it to bother me so much having played it before but frankly, it's equally as scary and I guess a big part of that is down to the randomness of the encounters. Very little of the game is scripted. Sure certain sound effects play when you open a cupboard and some human skulls roll out for example, but for the most part the terror is in knowing that the...thing that's stalking you can and will appear at any single moment. One perfect example is in the video below, but let me describe it too. I'm exploring some dank corridors looking for something to break a rusted lock with. At this point I've had a few close encounters with the thing and I'm on edge. My palms are sweating, my foot tapping nervously and then I hear it. "MURGGHH" I panic and run into the nearest room, turning and closing the door behind me. I turn around ready to hide in a corner and BAM. The thing is there right up in my face. I scream like no grown man really should and hit the Escape key in a moment of genuine terror. Had it not been for Maria pretty much forcing me to hit Escape and run the hell out of that room, I probably would have left the game there for the night...

So yeah, a completely unscripted moment can give a far more genuine sense of horror than any scripted event. Scripted jump scares can be effective but they just cannot match that level of randomness that unscripted events can give the player. A completely unique scare just for them.

The bit I'm describing up above is at 4:25!

Don't get me wrong, scripted scares can be effective too, but they just don't match the scares unscripted stuff gives. Or is that just me?

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Please, explain to me how Kickstarter works, Pekarn.

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@Zaxex: Of course a typical PC will do everything this does better, but at several times the cost.

And whilst no one posting on here is likely to play just mobile games, there's a whole lot of people out there that do, believe it or not.

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What is a "AAA" game? What defines a "AAA" game? Purely graphics? Nope.

Of course this can host AAA games, it's all down to developers and the freedom they'll have with this.