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a worthwhile experience for any fan of the mini-game. 1

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D is one of those games that fell prey to popular opinion. The popular opinion that it's just not going to be worth your time. With reasons like: “No reset, No Leon Kennedy, all the levels are the same from the older versions...” I guess I can understand but those are no more reasons then they are excuses that Mercs is a stand alone game on the 3DS. But, Let's try and put these things aside.  Wesker knows a thing or two about about deali...

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[Hilarious joke about Distance] 0

Can you remember when you used to smile about life? I really can't sense that anymore, right down to this book I've been reading. Passages thousands of years old with words I can't understand, and it's constantly nagging at everything I do.  Cockroaches, these shades are. Pestering annoyance. A lynch mob at play. Fighting them I feel broken at times. Staying them away from me, swinging my weapon mindless. They connect a good strike and continue relentlessly. The book proves more useful then I ca...

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Patience is among one of the things in a relaxing hobby. 0

 That's a nice way to put it. Don't you think? I like to think that I have a knack for photography. It's a hobby that I probably wouldn't want to take seriously, because I don't have the time and resources to show it off to all my friends. Regardless, when in the moment with a camera on hand, it's fun to take pictures. People could agree right? That's why everything has a camera attachment now a days.The Basis for the game is simple. Choose man or woman, survey the land and look for animals ba...

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The battle within, is probably an appropriate way to put it. 0

 *Spoiler* Her real name isn't lighting but ironically means lighting.  (in Japan)I figure this is necessary.   Final Fantasy XIII is one of those games that comes along and is a big deal, as far as the gaming community is concerned, because of it's name. For years the series has such an impact with ever iteration, that all everybody wants to expect from it is quality.   Sadly, this game is full of ideas that just don't work all that well.   The game does have ups. The characters are an improvem...

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The Dragon of Dojima is back, last year, but finally for America! 0

 Every character has had all of their Blackheads removed this time around. It's always a shame when a game that's been out forever finally makes it's way to the Westerners. Right up front you're faced with so many flaws in the game, that are unheard of with the current standards of today. Last year it was Afrika, and this year it's Sega's Yakuza 3.  In fairness, this game has always played the same. Clunky controls with Piss poor fighting game play. Yet every iteration means that...

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Sonic Still doesn't get it (but this time it's okay.) 0

  GOTTA KEED, SPEED. Sonic Unleashed is a Video game that makes you want to punch yourself repeatedly in the face for liking sonic in the first place. Then you're left wondering for yourself if that was actually a good or a bad thing. Well here's the thing. It's a good game... kind of. It takes the thing that you like most about Sonic in the first place and mixes it with something that, by itself, isn't that bad. Yet when you add it to the Sonic Formula it's a little confusing. On the plus side...

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Outwit OutPlay Outlast : Devil Survivor Tokyo 0

TEAM!Shin Megami Tensei Finally Makes it's way onto the DS, in the form of a DS, That summons all of your favorite demons. I'd like to think that this game is incredibly awesome, But really, I was a Fan of the Series Starting with Nocturne and the Persona series became different with 3 and 4, that as neat as they are, ain't what they used to be.That being said Devil Survivor is what happens When you've really just played the same game over and over again.(I'm going to have a beef with this game)...

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Dirge on a Cerberus 0

I can admit, I'm not that much of a Final Fantasy VII fan. After finally beating The original PSone game a year ago, I can be happy about not being a fan. As much as the story was neat, I didn't think it was worthy enough to butcher many years later. The movie was cool and all but it was style over substance. Watch all the pretty fights but only slightly understand what's going on. Oh well... Dirge of Cerberus, We've all heard of it by now, a RPG/shooter starring an optional secret character. V...

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The Alan Parsona 4 Project 0

Having a Schizophrenic discourse with Persona 4 in the absence in the knowledge of the existence of RPGs.Here you are, a Nameless Person Antagonist sent to his uncle's for a year because both of his Parents are working overseas. Along the way you are given the ability to be an empty shell, by way of old coot in a space limo, and faced with the realization that it's probably going to be up to you to face a trivial situation and overcome it, by way of jumping into a TV.It's a story that's been tol...

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"Today I stuff a cat, in a plastic bag and threw in the river." 0

I'm going to tell you about one of the most fascinating games for my DS that I've played so far. It's colorful, exciting, and host many ways to customize. Diary girl, a game about practically nothing but writing in your DS, stories about how things are pretty, boys you like, and even the time you cut yourself. All of your emotional vomit locked away, with your own super secret password. You might ask yourself, what is a grown man doing, playing a non-game that appeals to the demographic of littl...

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Soniku Shuffure 0

I have found myself a beautiful Gem of gaming. Something so great, It makes me want to read the paper to find something interesting. SONIC SHUFFLE for the Dreamcast is such a game. First, I know what you're thinking. "Sonic Shuffle is like.... bad!" To answer that, yes. But what is bad to most people? Surely this isn't the greatest achievement in Mario Party-like fun, But it's makeshift enough for you to enjoy it for what it is! Take the horrible character model animation, and bad voice acting...

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