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@discomposure: The very idea behind character creation is really addicting. I think in terms of eye candy, I tend to make a lot because I have so many cool ideas for looks and I can't stick with just one. (seriously, I would almost dedicate a blog of lore to those things. I'm sounding off topic.)

I keep expecting captain toad to have support for amiibos (just because the amiibo website says it will. But really, their only purpose at the moment is better matches.

@tom_omb: Yeah, that upgrade system I never really did anything with, even after the game constantly telling me I should. And even though I could spend all this money on clothes and guns I was perfectly fine with using what was already given to me. I also don't quite understand why the weapons upgrade too. Oh well, doesn't really matter anyway once I've beaten it.

@doctordonkey: I admit though, once I got the air dash I was much happier with moving around. and I agree, the soundtrack is stellar!

@gunstarred: If anything sunset has taught me that my coordination skills are getting rusty. Also, I'm surprised on the varying quality of Amiibos as well. I suppose since there's not much detail to Luigi as opposed to link, he has the benefit of looking nicer just because of simplicity? I dunno.

@csl316: I suppose there's validation in having a Kirby figurine.

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@aetheldod: I can't find Samus anywhere! :( I used to make eye candy here and there, but I keep creating narratives for these people. maybe it's a bad habit!

@zzombie13: Fighting crowds and giant boss monsters became my biggest problem. They created a nice way to get around, but that flow does not lend itself to battle. but yeah, the rhythm is everything for that game.

@personandstuff: too tricky?

@smtdante89: I was thinking of getting at least one Fire Emblem character. Definitely Lucina... though I might just cave and buy Ike when I see him.

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@commodoregroovy: year of Toad? (even though Luigi sprites are still creeping around these games!)

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@regularassmilk: Congrats on all, just make sure you poke a hole through that pile of games, so you can have room to breathe. :D

@myketuna: hahaha, the only thing I want to see now if a page full of bizarre theories as to how Toads reproduce.

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@federationking: I really can't tell you the difference visually, but the AI of the NPCs seems crazier. I experienced more random moments wandering around than I have on the PS3 version.

@rejizzle: That must be why there's so many.

@probablytuna: exactly right, and it's strange that GTA is the only franchise that bothers to do any of the mundane.

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being someone who enjoyed the previous MGO titles, I can only say that I'm really looking forward to it.

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@dolphin_butter: I think he just needs to try something new at this point... At least for now.

@supermike6: I could actually vouch for Kid Icarus characters, because I really enjoyed that Uprising game on the 3DS. They were well realized and wonderfully voice acted. That being said, Dark Pit being part of the roster is totally unnecessary

@belegorm: I bet you could call it Resident Evil 4-2, and no one would seem to notice.

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I'm in the group that say it's an RPG out of Japan specifically. We just call them JRPGs because we don't know how else to define it.

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@superkenon: It shouldn't be, you're right. I often wonder if it's because of the simplicity of the game that turns people away. But it's also an annual franchise at this point, so that's probably a factor as well.

maybe if it's few and far between for others it would be a little better received?

@hailinel: ISN'T IT THOUGH?! #jokejoke

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@mormonwarrior: I like to think of that game as a guilty pleasure at this point. You know it's not that good for you, but it's alright to indulge yourself every once in a while.