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@video_game_king: A) whelp... I'd say neither? there's very little of that kind of art in the game. so if you beat the game, I guess it'll be a pretty clear image in your head.

B) I appreciate that you saw it as a Goemon reference, but it's also not one :D

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@nethlem: A lot of what you're describing still doesn't feel very much of what Watch dogs could have been capable of. There is a disconnect in just pressing a button to hack something. I would have wanted to be part of the process of creating these counter systems getting into ctOS, than having all of it already done for me. While the hacker friends do all of the computer stuff, I just run over to the spot with my 1911.

Also, I only think it's flawed because Chicago is all on one singular system. I'm aware we already live in that state of reality. I just that ctOS feels too convenient to sit there and let people manipulate it.

@ulquiokani: I sat there and I was thinking if I could even call Aiden an anti-hero. Sure he's a vigilante, but he doesn't seem to care about anything. Also yeah, the shooting does have it's moments, and driving definitely could have been better.


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@halberdierv2: We all use Skype now and seem to always have friday night/weekend parties. XD (I don't know why, but it's a thing that has happened in the past month.)

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Giantbomb new york, make me hope even more to get a job with ya'll some day. I would look for any good excuse to jump the border and live there.

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I think it's more commendable to have Big Boss at least be a different voice/person all together. Yes Hayter was practically the voice of Solid Snake. But because of that, the previous games with big boss never felt like he was his own person. Having no real disconnect between Solid Snake and Big Boss aside from eras, it always kind of irked me.

The only reason why Kiefer will take some getting used to, is because Hayter is kind of a crutch at this point.

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It's kind of been rendered pointless since the 'coming up' tab.

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I don't understand what you'd gain for getting rid of one category and not changing anything else.

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I'm sharing this because it filled me with joy to write it that way.

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@video_game_king: oh, I was talking about picross.

@quantris: I can honestly agree with you. When you start using it, it becomes a stupid crutch. There's only a handful of puzzles in the e series in which they take it out. If anything the should dedicate a whole mode to no hints.

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@video_game_king: My basic complaint about it is int there, It doesn't really play as well as it could. but also, it doesn't matter, because I like this one. Even though my reasons for disliking it doesn't explain why I suddenly do.

@dolphin_butter:Well if I had to choose, Picross e2. Becuase micross mode quickly became my favourite thing ever. So I'm more than excited to see it back in e4.