Starcraft 2 Beta raffle Winner Selected!

Thank you everyone, but the raffle is now closed. Sleepy_Insomniac is our winner!
So I originally was going to sell this baby online for mad duckets. But I feel as though I missed the window, and instead of putting it up for sale for someone to buy it. I feel that I should give it out to one lucky person on Giant Bomb. All you have to do it post in this blog, and I will pick randomly from the posters. The raffle will end at 10 pm Pacific Standard Time, 2 pm GMT, tomorrow. At which point I will PM the person with the code.
Here is pictorial proof that this code does exist.

Good hunting ladies and gentlemen!

My mid-term for Illustration Class (Image Remade)

So while many people went out to party for their Spring Break, I spent it working on several mid-terms for various classes. Well one project is now finished. Thought I might show it off. We had two choices, make an advertisement for a watch company or make an advertisement for entertainment (i.e. movie poster). It could be for a real movie or one of our choice. 
I chose to do a movie poster for my own story, and this is what I spent all week working on.  
Can you guess the two images that are heavily inspired by games? One is far more obvious than the other, I assure you. : )
There was a point where my computer glitched and I lost about 90% of all the work, and I was half-way through with it. Cost me a full day to remake it all. >: ( 
Edit: Okay people, you've all expressed your criticisms, especially in regards to the girl in the corner. Let it be known that I will fix it to the best of my abilities, before I turn it in on Monday.

 Check the next page for the new image.

How Avatar Should Have Ended

Yep another post about Avatar. And rather than saying what's wrong with the film, I'm actually gonna say how the film (particularly the ending) can be improved. So I made this comic. Truly, this is how the movie really should have ended. Would have saved those soldiers a hell of a lot of time. 
For those who can't read the text very well:
PANEL ONE: These orbital images show the hostiles' number have gone from a couple of hundred to over 2,000 in one day, and more are pouring in. By next week it could be 20,000. Then they'll be overrunning our perimeter here. We can't wait. Our only security lies in pre-emptive attack. We will fight terror with terror. And how are we going to do that?
PANEL TWO: We will nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
PANEL FIVE: Damn that's good coffee.


A special edition that'll make your parents cry.

Ventured over onto Joystiq, as I often do. And found this article about this "Really Naughty Limited Edition" of Record Agarest War. Just rolls right off the tongue don't it?
Here's a pic of what comes inside this special edition. Warning, Abandon all hope ye who enter here.

  From the Joystiq article

For the truly despicable amongst us, Aksys has seen fit to package the game with a "Sensual Vira-Lor mouse pad" --featuring ergonomic breasts -- and a "Yearning Ellis pillowcase," packaged in a collector's box adorned with bathing anime girls. There's also a soundtrack CD, but that seems relatively innocuous. The Really Naughty edition, at least, carries a reasonably modest (for a limited edition) price of $59.99, so at least you won't be spending more than usual for the bonus of deep, lifelong shame. It'll be available April 27. Aksys has offered no date for a non-special edition.

The first thing I noticed is why in the heck would you give out a mouse pad for a console game?
Also, and probably the most glaring problem is what boy, because we all know this is marketed towards boys, would have a pink girlly anime pillow case? Not to mention the box art and disc art include up skirts and partial nudity. 
And this is a T rated game too. I'm hard pressed to think the actual game will include such themes, which means that this is false advertisement! 
But at least some good can come out of all this. With this kind of package we can finally weed out the kids that need some serious help. Maybe it won't be too late for some psycho analysis. Kids, save up those pennies, not for the game but for hours and hours of therapy and for your mom's depression pills.

Calling Out Alistair (mild spoilers)

Dude, bro!

I did what needed to be done; there was no other choice than for Lady Isolde to sacrifice herself for her son. Would you have preferred if I killed the child?

I was left with only two options, kill Isolde-kill the demon, or kill the child-kill the demon. Running out to the Circle of Magi was out of the question, it would have been three days ride to the tower and by that time, the demon could have over run the town.

Even you alluded that it may have been a fruitless endeavor to ask the Magi for their assistance. Action had to be taken, and I was not about to run out on a quest for assistance when we were clearly more than capable enough to fight this demon on our own.

Lady Isolde sacrificed her life to save her son, and the Arl would have done the same. I admit, I know little of this Blood Magic, but desperate times calls for desperate measures. And in this case they were screaming for it! 
My primary concern was the safety of the town and the child. I would not have slain him, and I would not leave the town without our aid to journey to the Tower of the Magi. This discussion is closed. I made my decision and I stand by it.

Side note: Calling out Bioware

Damn it Bioware, I should be able to talk to Morrigan and Leliana about what just happened!


Y'know What Grinds My Gears?

Y'know what grinds my gears? People who are so cynical of the world around them that they can't even trust other human beings. 
Specifically some of the haters on Giantbomb in regards to Modern Warfare 2, and even more specifically those that have accused Giantbomb of being payed by Activision for talking about Modern Warfare 2 so much. Checking on some of the comments for the latest "I love Monday" video there are a few comments that bring my piss to a boil, to quote AVGN. 

" Are you guys paid by Activision?  That was pretty over-the-top "

 Yes, because there's no reason why they would talk about a game that is by far the most hyped up and anticipated game of the year. A game that has caused publishers to delay their own games just so they don't have to compete with it. 
Why is it that when a reviewer of any importance really likes a game they are immediately accused of lying and being bought out by "Evil Corporations ZOMG?" 
Where does this mentality come from? What parent raises their child to be so misanthropic (look it up),  what happened that made an individual suddenly be all rebelious against, what they percieve to be, the "evil overlords" of the world? I would REALLY like to know. 
What basis does this person have to suspect that Giantbomb is being payed by Activision to advertise a game? The simple fact that this site is run by Jeff Gertsmann already gives it credibility. Don't believe me? Do I REALLY have to bring up the Gamespot Kane and Lynch review?

I wouldn't say they are paid. It's more likely that Activicion will lift the review embargo a little sooner for "friendly" websites, or something like that. "

And THIS. This is why eight year olds shouldn't have access to the internet. Clearly this person knows nothing about how review embargoes work or how basic advertorial bussiness works either. News flash dood, any  site that has deals with a publisher for releaseing early reviews does so many weeks in advance. That's why Gameinformer had their Dragon Age review up long before anyone else. A publisher is not going to let anyone's review go upearly only if the reviewer plays ball. A legit reviewer wouldn't take that bait even if it was offered in the first place. Because of something called INTEGRITY (look it up!) 
That's what it boils down to, these ..."critical" people are so jaded and skeptical that they do not believe that the people around them have integrity, and thus do not believe their fellow man to be anywhere as decent as themselves. These people need to wake up and actually look at others as human beings who have feelings, and emotions and not just as money grubbing pigs.  
I'm Brad Bolton, and that grinds my gears.