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What @i_stay_puft said. If you have onboard video, plug near your USB plugs and such not the separate video card, plug into it. There will be a setting in the bios to switch to the IGP ( think its igp iz forgetfull )... for your primary output. Then switch the cable and reboot.

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I loved SG1 and Atlantis. I was late to SG1 but I think in the end I've seen at least 90% of them, and all of Atlantis. Seriously good Sci-Fi that was mostly pushed to the side. I know people that love Babylon 5, but it was something I never watched, nor Farscape. Richard Dean Anderson's dry whit in SG1 was what made it so good. Him and Shanks were able to play off each other so well.

TOS is fun if you just forget about 'special effects'. just watch it for the story. TNG was where I really grew up. And there are episodes I'd still shed a tear if I watched them. But for the most part I think everyone now knows a little Trek, so going back to TOS is only for 'completeness'. You know who Spock, Kirk, and Scotty are. Scotty, Spock, and McCoy crossover in the TNG episodes. Kirk in the movies. Remembering things like when TOS was filmed and the social problems going on makes it easier to understand. That things like racism were rampant, sexism was rampant...and Gene was a big hippie I swear...he wanted everyone to be at peace. But that made TOS so endearing.

Hit a few high spot episodes, then if you really love it, binge it...then move on to another series :)

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As a long time Trekker (Trekkie is kinda more TOS fans) I will agree with Max for the most part. This is a good guide to 'wet your whistle'

He hits a lot of the big hits. Yes first season is very...plodding and 'space western'. But second season on TNG is great stuff. The Original Series is campy but a lot of good stuff in there but not for 'kids these days'. TNG is a great place to start. I'd almost say skip Voyager but there's moments. I loved DS9 but it was more of a soap opera than anything. And then Enterprise was fun...but kinda meh. Its the 'well no other Star Trek around to watch' type of thing.

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I threw down a cool benji for the duder. Stuff is just stuff. But when you are looking at having all your stuff gone its pretty tough. I had a few friends help me out when I was robbed once. So its the least i can do to pay it forward.

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Just saw that pic come across twitter... again, right in the feels...

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Much like @ltsmash I was rocking a All-Ett for a while. Loved it expect it was very thin and I forgot it in a taxi once. After that I decided to go back to something a little thicker. I am very anti 'costanza wallet' and want something thin. I cant recomend Tanner Goods highly enough tho. I bought their workday wallet and its awesome. Not leather but oilcloth and very thin. I have considered getting one of their all leather wallets now that I have some of their products. Their leather is the softest, nicest, leather I have ever touched. The utility bilfold is maybe next on my list. Also considering it in natural and letting it age naturally and take on a rich color all its own. Seeing pics like this make me want the natural leather to let it age...

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I called him Frank (Frankenstein)

  • P133 (later upgraded to a 166mmx but the mmx wasnt recognized by the mobo)
  • 8meg ram later upped to 16meg
  • 100meg hd later bigger ones added
  • 8meg Diamond Stealth 2 video card (i loved that thing)

Good reason I called him Frank, he rarely stayed the same from month to month lol

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Its like the who's who of the greatest Bombcast. Shoulda made it into a Big Live Live Show .

Congrats Ryan and Anna

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One of the games I've still got on the back burner to get around to it type of things...

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Sometimes the Space Jam Soundtrack comes up, and I dont even change it... Just sayin

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