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I threw down a cool benji for the duder. Stuff is just stuff. But when you are looking at having all your stuff gone its pretty tough. I had a few friends help me out when I was robbed once. So its the least i can do to pay it forward.

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Just saw that pic come across twitter... again, right in the feels...

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Much like @ltsmash I was rocking a All-Ett for a while. Loved it expect it was very thin and I forgot it in a taxi once. After that I decided to go back to something a little thicker. I am very anti 'costanza wallet' and want something thin. I cant recomend Tanner Goods highly enough tho. I bought their workday wallet and its awesome. Not leather but oilcloth and very thin. I have considered getting one of their all leather wallets now that I have some of their products. Their leather is the softest, nicest, leather I have ever touched. The utility bilfold is maybe next on my list. Also considering it in natural and letting it age naturally and take on a rich color all its own. Seeing pics like this make me want the natural leather to let it age...

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I called him Frank (Frankenstein)

  • P133 (later upgraded to a 166mmx but the mmx wasnt recognized by the mobo)
  • 8meg ram later upped to 16meg
  • 100meg hd later bigger ones added
  • 8meg Diamond Stealth 2 video card (i loved that thing)

Good reason I called him Frank, he rarely stayed the same from month to month lol

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Its like the who's who of the greatest Bombcast. Shoulda made it into a Big Live Live Show .

Congrats Ryan and Anna

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One of the games I've still got on the back burner to get around to it type of things...

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Sometimes the Space Jam Soundtrack comes up, and I dont even change it... Just sayin

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We still love ya, and it takes more of a man to stand up and admit their fault. Good on ya