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So as you're all probably aware our very own Ryan Davis is getting married today. I figured anyone who wishes to Congratulate the big guy ought to have a place to do it.

So here's to a great wedding, an awesome Honeymoon and a life's worth of happiness for the both of them!

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Jeff tweeted something a minute ago that gives the impression he doesn't know how to tie a tie.

Nothing wrong with that I just think its funny how much sense that makes.

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Congratulations Ryan!

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I give it a year.

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Fuck, Ryan Davis!

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Dont sit on the wedding cake ryan!

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And on the honeymoon, the Fuck Ryan Davis t-shirts take on a whole new meaning.

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so this is how the world ends

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To you and your wife, sir I say, merry wedding!

Or happy marriage.

Or whatever it is you say to that...CONGRATS!

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House Davis will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming age.

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Congratulations, Davises!

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@excast said:

And on the honeymoon, the Fuck Ryan Davis t-shirts take on a whole new meaning.

I didnt need that mental image

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Congratulations to Mr an Mrs Ryan!

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Congrats to you Ryan Davis , may you and your wife have a happy meaningfull marriage together!!!!!

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Congrats to Mr and Mrs Davis have a great day.

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Congratulations, motherfucker!

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Fuck Ryan Davis.

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Congrats Ryan! WOOHOO!!!

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Congrats to the Davis(es?)!

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Now that Prop 8 and DOMA are dead, they can finally express their true love to the world.

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Wait, is it confirmed that she's taking Ryan's last name?

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Little did Jeff know that with lift of prop 8 it is he and Ryan getting married!

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Congrats Ryan!

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Congratulations, Ryan.

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Can't wait for the livestream

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Congrats Ryan! make sure you don't say Jeff's name by accident!

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Congratulations Ryan on getting hitched. I hope you both have a wonderful future together.

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Massive congrats to Ryan!!!!!

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Any picture of her?

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Congrats to the both of them!

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Mrs. Davis: fuck Ryan Davis.

...and congratulations!

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This is a great day for America!

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I hope Ryan kept himself pure until the wedding night. :D

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Mrs. Davis: fuck Ryan Davis.

...and congratulations!

Classy, topical and self-referential. Giant Bomb in a nutshell! Good job, duder :P

And congrats to Ryan and Anna! What a lucky she is. Let's admit it: we were all smitten by Ryan. There's no denying it.

(I think she's called Anna, right? I remember Ryan calling her by name a few times... I think).

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Congrats, Ryan!

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congrats guys!

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Congratulations, you ol sonuvabitch!


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This is the shittiest weather to have a wedding in. Congrats, Mr. Ryan Taswell Davis.

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Now that Prop 8 and DOMA are dead, they can finally express their true love to the world.


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Congrats Mr & Mrs Davis!

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@alternate: if im not mistaken, theyve been together for 10 years already. Also, you're an ass hole!

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Congratulations Ryan. :D

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Lord Davis has made a strategic alliance to become a stronger house.

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@truthtellah: Davis! You sunovabeech. Whazza matta CBS got you pushing too many pencils?

Congrats Ryan!

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Congratulations! Love is indeed in bloom :D

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You did it Ryan! *Flying High FIve*