I could care less...

I came across someone using this statement a while ago, and i assumed that it was a typo, thinking the owner of the sentence meant to say 'couldn't'. As the months went by and the sunlight stuck around for longer in the day, i came across many people writing the same, whether it was 'I could care less about this game', or 'I could care less about your view' etc. It was as if a grammar plague had struck the internet, and all the 'could care less' people came out to play.

My point is that it was still being used, and more noticeably in recent years. Now i consider myself to be reasonably intelligent, maybe not freudian intelligent but above average, yet i have no idea what the point is in the statement 'I could care less'. It seems like a statement that doesn't need to be said, kind of similiar to how people don't proclaim everyday emotions, because you don't need to tell people what you don't feel, and concentrate on what you do feel. I don't go around telling people I am not a fan of dance music, when they don't ask, so do we really need to hear about someone having the scope to be less interested in a game?

The statement 'I couldn't care less' seems reasonable, as you're telling people that you care so very little about a game that it's just not possible for you to care any less. Yet, the statement 'I could care less' is telling me that there is some level of interest in the game as you could care less about the game, so there is a registered interest. My biggest gripe is that people seem to be using the sentence with a negative tone,  for example "I'll be honest, I could care less about this game, never wanted to play it before the review and never will regardless of the review." - Comments section; Transformers review; IGN. To me this person is saying that there is room for them to care less, yet the rest of their comment says something else.

Now we come back around, and i have to ask, is it me? I am just not getting this statement that people are using? Or, Are people confused? Seeing as the internet is so large and anyone can use it, does that mean these people who 'couldt care less' are using the statement wrong, and mean they couldn't? Or again, am i missing the point entirely?