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@humanity: oh yeah I've pulled it off cleanly, I just find it unnecessarily tedious to have to move that slowly. I'll fast track the suit ASAP

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@humanity: Even that sounds like a welcome improvement. Having every guard turn around and spot me when I crouch-walk up behind them has been a real pain in the ass, and a noticeable change from GZ.

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Any of you guys who got a hold of it early managed to do the Ground Zeroes save transfer yet? I didn't have a chance to try it before I left for PAX, but wondering if it's active yet. Some people made it sound like that won't work until release day.

Aside from needing to try it out for review purposes, I really want to pull my save in and get a hold of that sneaking suit that transfers in, since my R&D unit is nowhere near high enough level to research the regular one in the item tree. I've found the enemies' ability to see or hear you from a mile away to be absurdly unforgiving so far, and trying the different camo options I have currently hasn't helped much. The game seems way more strict about its stealth than Ground Zeroes, which admittedly was pretty easy, but maybe they're just creating a steep difficulty ramp here to give you incentive to research better gear later on. I only put four or five hours in and did the first handful of story missions before I had to leave town, so maybe all this is a nonissue as you progress. Dying to get home and keep digging in, at any rate.

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We're aiming to have a QL up first thing Tuesday (the earliest we can post video), barring any unforeseen catastrophes.

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I got an email this morning from MS saying the prompt for my upgrade may happen anywhere from several days to a few weeks from now, so I guess they're really staggering this rollout. My machine hasn't even started preloading the install yet.

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@doublespy said:

I would not be surprised if UPF did not have a segment on it.

Or entirely dedicated to it. Remember the 90 minute Super Street Fighter 4 Quick Look with EVERYONE in the Petaluma office?

No local versus in this beta, so unfortunately there's only so much we could do with it in a live setting.

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@defordj said:

Good lord I want a Brad-singing-based weekly premium feature. Like every week, singing along with whatever the singing equivalent of Rocksmith would be. Or singing songs voted on by the community. Something.

Unfortunately Vinny moved to New York before I could convince him to help me get my passion project, The Ballad of Allard, off the ground.

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They've also submitted this to PSN and Xbox and it's awaiting certification.

I wonder how much this will actually do on consoles, since there's probably not much headroom to improve performance the way they did on PC. Looks like it's mostly stability fixes other than that.

The real changes I'd want--better UI scaling and text size, more minimap icons--are probably a long way off, if they're doing them at all.

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Hating the PSN name you're stuck with is practically a rite of passage at this point, if the people I know are any example.

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really weak of jeff to discount all the games that wouldn't hit a gamestop release calendar: olliolli 2, hotline miami 2, axiom verge, titan souls, etc etc.

Nobody would claim there aren't a bunch of great downloadable games coming to both consoles. But if that's practically all there is, that's kind of a problem, isn't it?