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Pascual and I are gonna roll on Warbringer as soon as we wait through the queue. Any classes the guild is looking for? I'll probably play a warrior unless there's a big surplus.

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It's a time for change, so I believe this is a good opportunity to kill the Bombcast. Kill it and replace with The Bombcast Tapes: Side A (West coast team, releases on Tuesday) and Side B (East coast team, releases on Friday).

Getting a new Jeff hosted podcast and a new Vinny hosted podcast every week would be pretty sweet.

If our site had favorites, I would favorite this.

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Exact same thing happened to me (down to the Kentucky Saddler being the horse I whistled for). Didn't stop this from becoming one of my all-time favorite games.

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@cameron: Thank you. Winning isn't the reason I play Dota. I play Dota cause it's fun to play. There are fun moments other than winning. I love being in a party on party chat with my friends. I like to think of it as Sunday Football on a nearby field.

I keep trying to tell my girlfriend that this is half the reason I play Dota so much, because it's a fun social experience without having to go out. She isn't buying it.

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the money received from ads is extremely small unless they are being clicked.

This is 100% false.

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Ni no Kuni, but tonight it's gonna be MGR Revengeance.

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It wasn't Hector, it was a higher-up guy at that studio. Hector knows how to act!

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Quick looks didn't exist when MGS4 came out, so whatever video we did for it probably wasn't archived. I honestly don't remember.

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I'm kind of baffled how people are shocked that Isaac is still alive. It's EA. They've already said they have no plan to make new IP's and intend to rehash the fuck out of everything. If Isaac died there wouldn't be a reason for a lot of people to keep playing Dead Space. Sad but true. People are fucking retarded.

I can't wait to see their stupid decision backfire. I already got my popcorn ready to go. They're bleeding money left and right when it comes to stock prices and they think that cutting out creativity is the answer? What a pile of fucking buffoons.

I don't think anybody is shocked tha Isaac is alive. I think people are just annoyed at how bad the storytelling is. Why "kill him" if he's going to by shown to be alive in the next 5 minutes. It's like modern comic books where they make a big event out of a character death and then don't even pretend that he's going to stay dead for more than a few issues. It makes the whole thing seem cheap and poorly conceived.

Yeah, I found that post-credit bit to be especially pandering. If you're going to have your protagonist sacrifice himself for the greater good, just fucking do it. Kill him. Don't throw in some bullshit fan service "well he MIGHT still be alive!" tease at the end.