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@theblue: @themightyskullboy: Hi duders, I added you, hope you don't mind! First time doing a friend safari so I'm unsure of my safari type yet but here's my info:

Pokemon Y

Trainer Name: Brandon

FC: 3583-0693-4293

Many thanks, and anyone else who'd like to swap, just @ me!

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I think Nintendo's most painful problem is their inability to do digital distribution well enough. Arguably, they have/can crush it sales wise when it comes to making games that come on discs/carts and go in their hardware. I think the mobile phone world, specifically iOS has a lot of potential usage for plying their back catalog of NES, SNES, and GB/GBC ports (last time I looked Android had more emulators than you could count, so no need to bother there). I think the idea that Nintendo would make original content for phones is a farce, but building more goodwill among the folk who aren't buying Wii U's or don't realize yet that they want a 3DS with more full featured mobile gaming, couldn't hurt. As it is, the Virtual Console situation is downright abysmal. Let someone else, namely Apple, handle a bit of the digital distribution and rake in the money with ports of Super Mario at $5-$7 a pop.

As for the touchscreen control issue (that Jeff has mentioned in podcasts previous), I think there's enough finesse for most games when done well. Super Crate Box and League of Evil are extremely tight platformers on iOS that use touchscreen d-pad and buttons very well. If they were willing to put a bit more work into the ports, they could add bluetooth/wifi networking for multiplayer. Hell, that exists now in emulators, and is perfectly serviceable for a game of SNES Mario Kart over the internet. Obviously Pokemon Red/Blue also comes to mind, and could leverage networking as an excuse for a higher price. I mean honestly, if Square Enix can get away charging $10+ for mediocre ports, Nintendo could surely do better than that.

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I've really appreciated Patrick's work on the Interview Dumptruck, as well as his written pieces/interviews on the myriad of perspectives and viewpoints that different games and their devs try to explore. These viewpoints span beyond just the balance of gender representation in gaming. I also understand that more diverse voices could bring about greater consideration for a more diverse set of games. Compared to other gaming sites, I've found GB to be a breath of fresh air. That all being said, Giant Bomb, as much we I love it, is a business. I think Jeff actually mentioned in a recent Jarcast, something to the effect that he'd like to hire more people — even ones with more focused voices on a specific topic — but he has to justify it from a business perspective. Or at the very least, make enough money in the rest of the site that he can hire who he wants, so they can write whatever they see fit, so he can tell the CBSi folks, "Her's the money we made, leave us alone to do what we want." That is a reality in the whole industry, which probably leads other sites to cater to the "boys' club" atmosphere because their audience's most vocal/incendiary demographic _is_ a boys' club... it feeds into itself.

Admittedly, as much as I _personally_ may like Patrick's work (and I'm not alone), there always seems to be someone in the GB community/comments/boards that pitches a fit when Patrick has tried to address gender issues specifically (similar to comments in this thread, though please don't take this as a blanket generality). If Patrick's pieces cause even small incendiary comments/ill will toward the site from some users, what is going to motivate GB to push for more content like it? It is getting better, and I feel at times the community is maturing and more open to discussions of this nature without resorting to garbage mob mentalities. There can be well-reasoned opinions that don't agree with the articles being posted or with the general consensus. Those make for the best discussions, especially on issues which may never have a clear answer/resolution. The "Checking Your Blind Spots" episode of the Interview Dumptruck is an example of covering this ongoing discussion — and the comments on it are what they are, for better or worse.

But what would a Giant Bomb look like with say, twice the amount of news/content on games/devs representing the difficult social issues of the day? Is there even that much "content" to write about? I feel that one of Giant Bomb's strengths is its more pithy approach. They don't review every game or cover every "controversy" because much of it can be noise. Diversity balance in games is certainly not noise, but if there was an article about it every day, or if every game had some feature on the gender/race balance, it may start to _feel_ like noise — forced, unnecessary in some instances, and possibly a bit insulting. If you finished "The Last of Us" or "Gone Home" and thought, "Does this game need more badass girl characters?" you'd think, "Self, I just played two of the best games of the year and they had strong, well-written female characters in spades. Ellie, Tess, Samantha and Lonnie." Two games does not a gender balance make (three if you consider Lara's character strong, despite the hate storm around it's release for her pseudo-sexual grunts of pain and some god-awfully-wrong-headed comments by the games devs), but needless to say, moving the moss-covered boulder that is people's predispositions is generally slow going — but it one day will pick up speed. Giant Bomb is making good steps forward, and more steps than most in my opinion. Does that mean they're "the most diverse site" forever? Obviously not. If the site is to keep growing and maturing, that means a constant state of betterment. How they do that while still remaining "Giant Bomb" is frankly not for us, the readers to decide. But if any site has a shot at being a decent place where everyone of all kinds can think about and discuss games, Giant Bomb is that site in my book.

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I'm just shocked and saddened. I looked forward to hearing him every week on the podcast and in the quicklook videos, not to mention him as host extraordinaire on nearly every live stream. He and Vinny doing the Chrono Trigger endurance run were what finally got me to man up and pay for a membership (which is shameful I waited so long considering I'd been listening to the podcast since the Tokyp Game Show days). Oh man, and remember the Bombcast drink/candy tasting sections every episode? Those were good times. I'll miss Ryan's ability to bring some long-term, gosh darn common sense into a discussion, even when hype or outrage were prevailing. I'll definitely miss his lightning wit as a host on the livestream and his unabashed love of SUMMERJAMS. I was lucky enough to share a few tweets with him regarding some artwork I did on the site and he was nothing but appreciative and kind. My condolences to the Bombcast crew, his family, and wife. Pour one out for Mr. Davis. It just won't quite feel the same without him. Miss you Duder.

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Hey everyone, I received an email today from a French duder in the community who wanted me to spread the word about his short film. I've translated his French the best I could and posted the "film" below.

"After watching your American reporter Patrice [Patrick], I saw his journey both physically and mentally through Iceland's majestic and overwhelming landscape. I wished to document it here. As my means are few, I have composed this film in the "graphique interchangé formatte." [sic] It does not require music. My hope is that you will see Patrice in deep mental conflict with the landscape around him, struggle to find answers in the majesty of reproductive nature, and seek solace in commercial "American" goods. Ultimately, he is left unsatisfied, still on a quest for truth in the ever-expanding universe around him. I call the film, Paysage Émotionnel.

And for last, my salutations to André [Drew?]. His focus of Bjork's message rang true to this viewer. She is truly a muse for us all."

Paysage Emotionnel

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:( Byee Dave! I actually teared up a little! You will be missed by this duder, be sure to visit!

But I'm also really excited that Matt Rorie is back!! This news is the definition of bittersweet!

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@thecreamfilling: Doesn't need one, since this truck is always dumpin' interviews, it'll only be going in reverse. ;) Also, I didn't draw it.

@thewonderwaffle: & @meatdimensionfighter:Yeah I wish I had more space to add details like Patrick, but when shrunk to the phone size, Patrick instead looked like broccoli driving a dump truck, haha.

@big_jon: Ha you hit the nail on the head. I was originally drawing a regular old dump truck, and then I realized I should just go heavy duty. Who knows how many interviews will need to be dumptrucked? This rig needs to handle it!

@brewmaster_andy:This use of cartoon Patrick is pretty awesome! I wish I had room to fit him into the design.

@chavtheworld: People keep saying it's upside down, but I always remember my old cassettes having the labels like this. But I'm sure in the history of cassettes there were probably ones in the opposite direction too. To each their own, I guess.


Thanks for all the feedback you guys! I sent Patrick Option 2 and a link to the rest so he could see 'em all. He really liked it and said he'd get with Jeff to see what's up about using it!

So whenever(/if?) it ends up on the feed, this was a lot of fun. Glad to have a cool back and forth with you all and even get to know a few of you in PM's too!

Thanks again everyone!

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Woo, thanks for all the feedback & comments! Glad everybody's enjoying it. I've got some revisions, and I think it's just about locked in.

So first, I tightened up the lettering. Cut the tracking by half and the leading by like 5pts (from Auto). Definitely more readable.

For those asking, the typeface is Proxima Nova (Bold).

Now, for some of those variants, adding the BEEP BEEP and trying out some grimy title letters.

I originally had it as #BEEPBEEP and it just seemed weird. So I tried *BEEP BEEP* and it seems more readable and sound effect-like.

Here's BEEP BEEP in Proxima Nova (EXTRA BLACK) and an (approximate) Atari screen font. I really like the Atari font, what do ya'll think?

[See Option 1 and 2 below.]

And then here's the same with some grimy title letters. I could give or take the grime to be honest.

[See Option 3 and 4 below.]

Thoughts on the grime, duders and dudettes?

I think Option 2 or 4 is cool with me, though 2 will be more readable on smaller and non-retina screens (since it's podcast album art).

Later tonight I'll PM Patrick one of these four officially (If he hasn't seen the thread already).

Option 1
Option 2

Option 3
Option 4

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@sergio Ah yeah, I'll try one with a graffiti style typeface as well, thanks.

@kerned Ha you read my mind, I started with it in the dumping position, but it shrunk the truck and just seemed less impactful in the square of the album art. Having it tilted also made the cassette harder to identify if that makes any sense? I'll include it in the batch tomorrow to show you what I mean.

Thanks again for everyone's kind words and feedback! I'm taking all the great critiques from tonight and I'll post a few alternate revisions of the art tomorrow (It's 2AM in this duder's locale). Later, duders and dudettes!

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@kerned Yeah it definitely needs something, I keep noodling with the tracking and leading. I'm an industrial design guy so it's a chronic problem, haha. I haven't had nearly enough practice with it. I'll try a rev with it more in balance, like you suggested, as opposed to more spread out for the sake of filling space.