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@quantris said:
@jjor64 said:

How can you make Highlights of online races?

If you go to the Mario Kart TV option afterwards (from the main menu) you should have the record of the race in your "recent" section (from where you can edit & share). Though (I presume) it won't be there if you played enough in the meantime.

Worth noting that during the post-race cool down laps you can press the + button to star it, so that it does not disappear. You can have up to six starred replays, which can be viewed and managed in Mario Kart TV menu option.

Thanks for sharing videos everyone! These are really fun to watch. :)

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@quantris said:

@steamrickroller said:

Blue Shells

You will hate them.

The super horn thing is a hard counter to them now, at least. Kinda rare but you can get it even in first place.

It seems like you can also use Mushrooms to deflect Blue Shells as well (beware of loud audio at the end):

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I woke up early on Friday morning (EST) to purchase the game. When I logged into Club Nintendo it prompted me to pick a free game, which I did (Pikmin 3). I redeemed it immediately, and it worked as expected. I am guessing that I beat the rush to the Club Nintendo site. Hope it all works out for everyone!

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@austinmorgan: Makes sense - thanks for the clarification! Looking forward to playing. :)

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This is so good!

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One of the most fun and interesting features of Mario Kart 8 is the addition of Mario Kart TV - a way to create and share highlight reels from your races. Mario Kart 8 lets you upload them to YouTube and/or the Miiverse, resulting in a bunch of awesome clips from people's races. You can even view all of them in one nice place on There are a few different options when creating your movies, so be sure to explore them to create the best highlight reel.

I thought it would be fun to have a place to share people's movies from Mario Kart TV.

Here is my first race:

Here is a race that I won just by an inch at the end:

I figured, why the heck not make a YouTube playlist for all of them?

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I have been switching between both subconsciously as I play on the gamepad. Both feel okay!

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@austinmorgan I think that you could set the tournament times to be 1:00am - 12:30am Mon - Mon or something similar so it runs for most of the day. That way duders can race all day. :)

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Joined the Giant Bomb Tournament - will try to join next time it is online. :)

My NNID is brettch if anyone wants to add me!

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Read this as "Eraserhead Movie" and got really excited. Then realized it was just "Eraser." :(

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