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HalfBeard HUD's review of Armada 2526 0

 This review comes from my own website, HalfBeard's HUD, and was written by yours truly. I noticed there wasn't a review of this title up and I figured I'd put up mine so my fellow GBers could have a review of this title. We have a particularly nerdy title for review that goes by the name Armada 2526 made by new developer Ntronium Games. Armada 2526 is an incredibly intricate strategy game similar to that of “Civilization” or “Settlers” but taking place in space. Similar to Civ there isn’t a sto...

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HalfBeards Half impressions: Nostalgia 0

When I came across this game I was completely suspecting it to be garbage I mean come on let's go down the shit list: Anime cover... check, Indecipherable title... oh yeah, no prior knowledge of the game from any outlet whatsoever... yeppers. All that being said this turned out to pretty good so far particularly for it's uses of tried and true gameplay styles. So the basic story takes place on earth (which is a nice change) in about the 1800's you start off in london as boy looking for his lost ...

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Apparently you can have your childhood back in fact it's only $40 0

So I'm sure you remember spending those long '90s summer days tucked safely inside your basement, den, rec-room, etc with your console avoiding the heat and genuinely enjoying your childhood preferably with a friend to enjoy all that blast processy goodness, well those days are here again. I won't lie a single player purchase this a little weak these games are all awesome there a plenty of emulators out there and all you want to is play a little sonic I'm pretty sure it's playable on everything ...

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