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@rapid: could i get an invite to the clan, steam name is thebuft, username in game is Vannack

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I might be misremembering or misinterpreting one of the strengths, I thought one of these states something along the lines of sometimes comes back from badly wounded.

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Aside from buying games on different platforms, I've bought the outfit for Xbox 360 at least 3 times so I can play drunk Coop with friends, Vanquish is another one, after my copy broke i rebought it.

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@andorski: Would love to see the giant bomb staff do a little curation on there.

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Wait, they expect the deal to break even in nine months? 2.5 billion in profits from sales and merchandizing from this one game alone? What?

not that im saying or even think this is a remote possibility, last year on my sons birthday he spent over £300 on Minecraft trinkets, Steve and Creeper models, Minecraft papercraft sets and all sorts of wierd clothing.

There is an absolute ton of paraphernalia for this game , not to mention all the different versions of the game we own and multiple DLC for the console versions.

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I almost bought a 3DS recently , this makes me instantly thankful that i took some time to think about it, I may buy this when it comes out.

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Like any game, find people you like and roll with them, as Roy from The IT Crowd says "other people, what a bunch of bastards"

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@blzzzrrttt: is the pixel junk key still available? i would love that

steam name is thebuft

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Ok so i scrolled down and was going to take a pass but i saw the tweets and thinking they were generated by the game I was instantly intent on reading, sadly the drama was real life and my interest waned.