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Like any game, find people you like and roll with them, as Roy from The IT Crowd says "other people, what a bunch of bastards"

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@blzzzrrttt: is the pixel junk key still available? i would love that

steam name is thebuft

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Ok so i scrolled down and was going to take a pass but i saw the tweets and thinking they were generated by the game I was instantly intent on reading, sadly the drama was real life and my interest waned.

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depends if im super drunk

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@pimblycharles: Jeff Green was on the podcast not too long ago as well as Brad Muir to replace GB's Jeff and Brad. I think it was one of the first one's Vinny hosted.

[EDIT] Found it: http://www.giantbomb.com/podcasts/giant-bombcast-11-12-2013/1600-671/

Definitely a highly-recommended episode in my book. Some incredible moments. Both those guys were great fill-ins, I used to love Jeff Green on 1UP Yours way back, and Brad Muir never fails to bring a :D to my face.

Thanks for the Divinity story, Patrick. Made me chuckle. And I'll definitely have to check a few of these articles out over the course of this week so thanks for sharing as always.

double recommendation, its one of those podcast where you start off sad that a regular member is off but the guests totally make up for it, lots of great stories about Jeff Greens employment if i recall correctly.

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I started with Yu-Gi-oh on the gameboy and with pokemon physical cards, after that my fascination with card games just fizzled out but recently heartstone with its low barrier to entry and nicely polished gameplay has reinvigorated my interest in the Genre. Would highly recommend.

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NO, not Maxwell McGee, dude was amazing, so upbeat and instantly likeable.

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Halo 3


Call of Duty World at war.

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My Origin account is all free stuff and humble bundle, so far i have got Mass Effect 2, Battlefield 3, Peggle, Sims 2, all the Humble Bundle games, Battlefield 1942, I got Alice and Dragon age 2 free with my purchase of Mass Effect 3, the only legitimate game I've ever bought from Origin. My only gripe with the service is that i was never able to buy any of the Mass Effect 3 DLC since they make you buy fucking Bioware points which I can't buy since the Bioware site won't accept my debit card.

Other than that its a decent service, good download speeds and reliable.

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hot scoops, move over patrick