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You've got the spirit, kid. But you lack the heart! 0

 My review of Arcana Heart 3 originally posted on PSNStores on 29 August, 2011: Arcana Heart 3 has an enormous learning curve that is not helped by the lack of a general tutorial. Still the depth of the mechanics are pretty solid, and there's a lot here. In short, its got the spirit, but seems to lack the heart that is so prominent in its namesake.   What I Liked:Deep fighting game mechanics are at work here.Anime artstyle is over-the-top....

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Review: Gatling Gears 0

 My review for Gatling Gears PS3 available:   What I Liked:Persistent upgrade system that tracks across all modes of play.Distinctive art style.Blowing stuff up feels very satisfying.The soundtrack evokes childhood memories of the Superman movies.What I Disliked:Enemies are bullet sponges.Screen scroll can be a bit disorienting at times and doesn’t always keep pace with your movement.Weapons can be difficult to aim. In particular the grenades...

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An Intriguing Pilot Episode 0

My review of Puzzle Agent on PSN as posted on PSNStores June 14, 2011.   What I Liked:-Cast of quirky and bizarre characters.-Sketch book art style and pastel color palette compliments the game’s mood and tone.-Those damn Gnomes creep me out!-Interested in seeing where the series goes from here.What I Disliked:-Navigating the environment can be difficult with either the D-Pad or left analog stick.-HUD elements are hidden when doing a puzzle for n...

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A Case Study 4

It’s taken me a really long time to put my thoughts into a cogent review for LA Noire. So before I get to the review I thought that you would all indulge me in revealing some inside baseball (or cricket for any readers from the UK). Usually when I write a review for a game I lay out my thoughts mentally. It’s a careless thing on my part to write a review without first outlining it on paper. I take a few days and mull over everything that I liked and disliked. I give myself time to settle so that...

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The Original Returns in HD 0

I never played the original Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes when it was released on the DS in 2009, but the HD downloadable remake for PSN and XBLA could not have come at a better time.  If any of you are like me, then you were probably experiencing a bit of withdrawal associated with the pre-summer release doldrums. The only thing you had going was looking to the horizon for the release of Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat. However, on its own merits M&M:CoH is a fantastic game with a nicotinesqu...

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The Komeback Kid - Mortal Kombat Komes Full Circle 3

 Updated this review to include a look at the multiplayer elements for the PS3 version. Enjoy, and please leave some feedback! Also if you don't like this review leave a comment telling me how to improve for the future. Thanks!   Most fighting game fans can probably remember which of the entries into the Mortal Kombat franchise is their favorite. However, as a close converse to that, many can probably also remember which one(s) are the worst. I don’t think its cliché to liken the experience of g...

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Assassin's Creed Hits High On Target 0

Originally printed Friday, November 30th 2007 in the Technique student newspaper and written by myself. I have posted this primarily because there were no reviews for this game, and because I still despite the repetitive tasks think this is pretty sweet game. Even if it now happens to be the weakest within the series. But hey, this is a reflection of what I thought back in 2007 when the game was initially released. This article also contains all of my old feel free to nit-pick.  A de...

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