Made my first mashup using Sony Vegas

Where to begin? 
For those of you who haven't heard of mashups (aka booties, bootlegs), these are songs that are created using 2 or more songs and "mashing" them together. One of the best examples would be of Linkin Park's and Jay-Z's album "Collision Course" with their famous "Numb/Encore" mashup. This album is definitely where I started from for my love of mashups/booties. Some favorites include Norwegian Recycling, MadMixMustang, lock3down, and a quite a few others. I've always been impressed by these folks who could somehow take 2 (or more) songs that have nothing to do with each other, but able to pull off mixes that, quite honestly, are better than their originals. Case in point
As you can see, I love mashups. Maybe you do too. Or not. But anyways on to the point... 
I finally created one. You may or may not have heard it in this QOTW. And I wanted to listen to what ya'll think about it. I proudly present to you....  
"Daft Bites the Telephone"

This was definitely a learning experience for me, and I hope to make more in the future if I find the time to do more (took me roughly 6-8 hours doing this one).
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So I've auditioned for Glee...

Am I one of the few members of the GB community that actually watches Glee? 
Yea, it's got it's corny bits and high school girl teen drama stuff, but I actually enjoy it. Mostly the music, even if they can be Disneyfied covers of truly amazing songs (Don't Stop Believing anyone?) 
Anyways, since I knew a few people that auditioned for it, I figured I would too. 
And wouldn't it be awesome to have someone from the GiantBomb community on the show? Publicity for the awesome site, anyone? 
So you all can judge whether or not I qualify by giving me some gold stars (like I said, cheesy high school drama/comedy musical show) right here. 
Also, some feedback/criticism would be awesome too. (Note: I don't really have good quality microphone, so some parts may be a bit bad, but overall I think I did fine.)