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Posted by bwfclr10

Anyone else like Bolton Wanderers?

Posted by Pessh

No one likes route one football.

Posted by one_2nd

Never heard of it/them. 

Posted by Twazuk

What's wrong? "bwfclr01-09" taken?

Posted by Blueman

Bolton are a horrible team and symbolise everything that is wrong with the Premier League. The ground is a shit hole in the middle of nowhere and the football is terrrible.

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'You cannot flag anything right now...' 
Posted by buzz_killington

More like they're going to be relegated this season.

Posted by Djeffers03

Im surprised they haven't gone into administration yet. Are they still in the premier league? (Haven't followed football in a couple of years).

Posted by JerichoBlyth

That's like me starting a thread briefly asking anybody if they like Kilmarnock Football Club lol Although I would give a few reasons as to why I like them such as; they're the oldest team in Scotland and started a tradition, which would eventually become a sensation on a national level or I liked the old defender Frederic Dindeleux because he reminded me of Vindaloo and I thought that was funny.
But for what it is worth. No. I do not like Bolton Wanderers. You would probably have to be a local to appreciate a so-so side like that...and take that from me, as a (previously stated) Kilmarnock fan.
However, I do admire that their team consists of a lot of English born and bred players unlike a lot of multi-cultural sides you happen to see in Premier league with the amount of english players you can have in a side being brought to its limits sometimes.