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Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn are sort of like the Al Sharptons of women's issues in gaming (I can make that comparison; I'm black). They drum up outrage for a quick cash payday as everyone circles the wagons, and everyone becomes more entrenched in whatever belief systems they have. I'd be more interested in what people like Amy Hennig have to say about the topic of women and games, to be honest.

I disagree; Amy Hennig has seen one side of the industry and Sarkeesian and Quinn have seen another. Nothing in Sarkeesian nor Quinn's videos or articles critiquing the industry is untrue - it IS a crazy sexist place, though not from absolutely every angle - but just because one woman has had a good experience doesn't mean every other women is blowing their problems out of proportion.

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I wish that every Mass Effect thread these days didn't devolve into "ME1 was better than ME2, no ME2 was better than ME1."

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People shit on Jack a lot, but his season 1/2 flashbacks are all terrific ("All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues" is so good!), and I remember liking White Rabbit a whole heck of a lot. Season one had the ability to take these kind of dumb tropes (ooh, scary visions!) and really make them work with the context of the show and the characters. Great episode overall.

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@zornack: Stop saying women "have issues" as an excuse for them to post their opinions. She writes more in-depth analysis and interesting articles, a la Patrick. She is angry, and she has a reason to be. She's not being irrational.

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@sergio: Excuse me women are not a minority. It's not about hiring a "minority," its about hiring someone who would bring a new perspective to GB other than that of the Straight White Males that already run it.

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I gotta say these two cards are totally OP.

They're both so cheap and versatile that they can damage pretty much any opponent's strategy.

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I'm going to make this a Great Work of Art for Brave New World. It's perfect.

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I played the hell out of this game when it first came out. Loved how creepy and eerie it was, though going back now I was just bored to tears. The gameplay itself is way too slow.

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@believer258: I started the game on Hard and died constantly from the turrets. When I play it again (which I have no idea when will be) I'll definitely give it another shot now that I know just what's going on.