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True.  Also, 360 is to blame for achievements.  Worse introduction to gaming since the kill/death ratio.
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you should have changed honor to horror
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No point.
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As was argued centuries ago, the problem with allowing people to infringe on your personal freedoms, choices and behaviors once is that there’s no end to it.     
Completely agree.  Good blog post.  The number of taxes we have today is frightening because it is literally everything and it is sure to get worse.  It's also frightening how people are practically forcing people to buy insurance these days and how insurance has become (for most people) a necessity similar to oxygen or water.  It's already against the law to not have car insurance, I wouldn't be surprised if it eventually becomes against the law to not have health insurance.    
What really frightened me is when I realized that our house and our land don't really belong to us because if you don't pay your property taxes the city will take away your house.  So your home isn't really yours.   
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@Jimbo7676 said:
"It won't be too long until Kotick and Activision will find a way to fuck with Blizzard as well I bet. Someone needs to bring down the emperor. "

You're wrong, Blizzard is just as bad, that's why Blizzard has/had no problem with the constant bullshit coming from Activision.  If that weren't the case, Blizzard wouldn't have played it so safe with D3 and SC2 and the original D1 D2 team wouldn't have been laid off.
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She's almost 70 but she looks like she's 40.  It's creepy because the contrast between her neck and her face (the wrinkles) is so apparent.
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Bobby Kotick is literally worthless, why are you people defending him??  Isn't it obvious?  He's trying to do the same shit with this MW/COD Franchise he did to the Guitar Hero Franchise.
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I think it will be similar to that one KillZone game on the psp.
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Totally Spies!  Totally Party