Outdoors Unlimited, I find myself oddly intrigued by this

So, outdoors unlimited, I honestly don't know too much about this game. However, I know that I love RPG's. I also really like the idea of games in a setting that I have not yet played. Granted, hunting and fishing doesn't sound terribly exciting. I can recall playing one dangerous hunts game years ago, and it didn't do too much for me. Likewise the fishing game I've played is not so great.

Now I haven't really put a whole bunch of thought into how you go about adding RPG elements in a camping game, but I guess I'm hoping for some sort of a surprise. I'm hoping that this might be some kind of RPG adventure game with ways to advance the main character that haven't been done to exhaustion in other games. maybe a kind of wilderness survival, or living off the land type of game that makes you think about different ways to develop a character.

I have a feeling I'm getting my hopes up for nothing, but still something about this game caught my eye last year, and every time I see it I still want to play it and see what the hell it's all about.


Forgot how good Jade Empire is

So, I've been waiting for my pre load of Kingdoms of Amalur to unlock, and was going through my 360 hard drive and noticed Jade Empire. I never finished that game, didn't have it on the OG Xbox, however I have put close to 40 hours into it on my 360 a couple years back, I remember really enjoying it, right up until Mass Effect 2 hit stores. I bought ME2 day 1 and haven't made it back to Jade Empire since.

Until tonight That is, I figured what the hell I'll give it a whirl for an hour or so until my Steam version of KOA:R unlocks. Anyway I completely forgot how enjoyable Jade Empire is. The setting is great, I really dig the music, it gives a sort of low stress contemplative vibe that gives the game an atmosphere that I really enjoy spending time in.

Also, for for a roughly 7 year old game that came out on the Xbox, it looks rather nice. Granted I only played for an hour or two tonight, but the combat is also handled quite well, it's an action RPG that seems to get the action part of the equation right. Being a BioWare game, the RPG part is also handled quite well..

Fully voiced dialog, and completely competent voice acting. In my opinion the whole game holds up really pretty well. Now I haven't finished it, but I really want to now that I fired it up again. Who knows, it may fall apart and turn to shit for the rest of the game, but the time counter had me at somewhere around 35 hrs (I don't play games super fast, my first Dark Souls play through was 100 hrs) and anyway anybody who hasn't played Jade Empire and likes Bioware games owes it to themselves to give this game a shot.

Now I'm most likely gonna go play Kingdoms of Amalur, but part of me really wants to wait and just finish J E.

Just thought I'd throw this out there for anyone who maybe hasn't played and is looking for a great action RPG, or if you have, it might be the right tome ti go back and take another look..


Medal of honor

So I started Medal of Honor today, played the first couple levels and really want to keep playing, but I currently am working nights and have to be to work in 5.5 hours so I need to get some sleep, I'm sooo tired, but totally don't wanna go to bed....


How I spent my holiday...

I've been taking advantage of the drought in releases to try and catch up on some games that I've been trying to finish, I also bought a PS3 recently and am now working through a few exclusive releases that I have been really wanting to play, I finally felt that there was enough PS3 only games to justify purchasing one.. I'm glad i made the buy, I've enjoyed the games I've played so far, and am really looking forward to Heavy Rain, Wish I could use my 360 controller tho.. 
Just finished Uncharted 2, am trying to finish Assasins Creed 2, The Saboteur, Dragon Age Origins, Halo 3 ODST, and have just started playing Infamous, Ratchet and Clank, and Little Big Planet.. I also just bought F.E.A.R. 2 for $19.99 . . .