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I bring word from the future. Patch 7 has arrived and boy is it a doozy.

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@sanity: I too got a little greedy in regards to France. They were in a war with just everyone so I declared a war of conquest and sealed them off from the ocean. It's going to take a long time to lower my aggressive expansion penalty and make them cores but in the long run France is no longer an oceanic threat. I hope.

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@quarters: Warnie disagrees. Use to be one of his favourite foods before he started looking odd.

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@universalize: I remember that they said the complexity of the game engine they used significantly increased from Empire on. It kind of showed to, they did not really have a full handle on their own engine till 6 months after release!

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It's a cool version of Space Hulk. Makes it easy to play with mates during the week and not on our regular hobby day. Make no mistake Space Hulk has always been a "beer and skittles" game. The price argument going on here is a bit funny. You can't really get a new copy of the last edn (which the video game is based) of the miniature game for under $250 AUD, so $29 ain't so bad. It is definitly not worth getting all upset about on the internet though.

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I'm about 25 hours into my first campaign playing as England (now Great Britain ). It took a few mistakes here and there but I'm really getting the hang of it. I love the new trade system, it feels a lot more engaging then the previous one and I find that it adds a whole other way to play the game.

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The thing about the cars is that the regulations governing the design of them changes each year. Next year will be a massive change year as V6 Turbos are in (and sound horrible from all accounts).

For the precise restrictions that are applied to the cars here is a link to the FIA tech specs for this season.

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@chiablo: If you have The Legacy of Rome expansion you can maintain standing armies in CK2.

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Think I will be putting in quite a few hours of this. If you want feel free to hit me up with any "What the hell does this do?" questions