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I've never played a CRPG before, so I was a little lost when starting out. That character creation screen can be a little intimidating!

After a reading around a bit I figured out what I wanted to be, frontline fighter with two weapons and I think I'm doing ok so far (though I am playing on easy).

I picked a Death Godlike because the I really liked the look of the character, also felt it would be fun to play an outsider. Kind of the the same reason I went with an aristocratic background, I like the idea of a high born family hiding away their Godlike daughter from the world.

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Watsonia,Melbourne, Australia

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The bar in the left lower corner of the card with numbers in it.
The top number is the current level and the bottom is the max level of the card.

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My roster at the moment.
I really need a better DIVA card to drop soon though.

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I bring word from the future. Patch 7 has arrived and boy is it a doozy.

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@sanity: I too got a little greedy in regards to France. They were in a war with just everyone so I declared a war of conquest and sealed them off from the ocean. It's going to take a long time to lower my aggressive expansion penalty and make them cores but in the long run France is no longer an oceanic threat. I hope.

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@quarters: Warnie disagrees. Use to be one of his favourite foods before he started looking odd.

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@universalize: I remember that they said the complexity of the game engine they used significantly increased from Empire on. It kind of showed to, they did not really have a full handle on their own engine till 6 months after release!

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It's a cool version of Space Hulk. Makes it easy to play with mates during the week and not on our regular hobby day. Make no mistake Space Hulk has always been a "beer and skittles" game. The price argument going on here is a bit funny. You can't really get a new copy of the last edn (which the video game is based) of the miniature game for under $250 AUD, so $29 ain't so bad. It is definitly not worth getting all upset about on the internet though.