Drums and Videogames (The Musical Corner) 3rd Edition

Hello everyone, belated merry Christmas and welcome again to my now sort of new blog but if someone didn't think it was new because it no longer has that new blog thing smell so it wouldn't be surprising, The Musical Corner! As always, I crave the attention of peers and I choose to seek it out here and maybe yours as well. That is, if you have the content to show it! So with little further repetition in a game show manner, lets get this show on the road:


I'd first like to thank everyone who watches my videos for all the support it's given me, having now amassed 1000 views on my The Dear Hunter video, I'm on the front page for that song! But, more on topic, this is quite a long one, so I don't blame you if you don't have the stamina to watch the whole thing let alone play it yourself! Between the Buried and Me has been one of my longtime favorite bands since the days of Colors. Having met Blake Richardson himself, he's been a big inspiration for me in wanting to be a drummer and do more than just a standardized 4/4 tempo. And that shows in the level of technique he displays in all of their songs.

To start things off with, this song is fucking long. I think this may in fact be their second longest song, next to, "Swim To the Moon," of course. And It was a delight to play the whole time. Which is actually a bit of a lie when I consider all the times I messed up on a run to record this and had to repeat those fucking beginning 2 minutes over and over again. Yet, at the very least, I did at one point manage to nail one take well enough so that the nail was bent slightly but not severely enough to require me to rip it out and do it again.

Now in terms of video editing, let me disclaim that I went Michael Bay with these special effects like a fat kid in a candy store except that fat kid also has no arms. Having moved on from the professional tool that is Windows Live Movie Maker and into Sony Vegas Pro, I can say that it has made the process of editing as a whole much more simplified. A majority of the effect work is me gaining a grasp on learning the program so you'll see how the effects progress in finesse as the video goes on (if you manage to watch that far into it of course). Although, I still had a bit of sync issues around the 8 minute mark but I've disregarded it so that I can move on to another shade of pastures.

Either way, I'd like to think it came out decent enough, and with the experience in Sony Vegas pro, I should be able to craft slightly better edited videos at the very least. But, if you have a differing opinion of your own, feel free to share it and anything else you have, whether it be content or recommendation related!


Unfortunately, I can't say I have been playing too much as of this week. At most, I've been fiddling with Super Meat Boy. While I have managed to complete everything in the first two worlds, I can see things ramping up in the later levels or in the dark worlds for that matter. Along with the controls being feathery enough to possibly drive me mad with rage at that point. Hopefully my experience completing all the challenge rooms in Bionic Commando: Rearmed and placing 9th in the world on the last one will be enough technical platforming muscle memory to help me out here!

Other than that, I still have a copy of Spec Ops: The Line and Assassin's Creed III to get into. Although, while I'm on the topic of Assassin's Creed, Before I could even think about starting the game, I still needed to complete Revelations! Which I had actually stopped playing minute away before the ending, and what an ending it was! I honestly feel as if it has redeemed most of the shortcomings that had afflicted the franchise as a whole. Making me feel excited to see what is to become of Desmond's story in the "third" installment. I guess that makes it my 2011 2012 game of the year!

Bringing this to a close in a similar repetitious manner: If any of you duders have an opinion on either music or awesome videogames, feel free to contribute it here. I look forward to hearing them!

This has been The Musical Corner!