A long 48 hours

All of the members of the Giant Bomb family already know about Ryan Davis, so I wont explain what has happened again.

At first, I was shocked and didn't want to believe it, but as time went on and I read tweet after tweet from the crew at this fine website that we've come to know and love over the years, it started to sink in. The lovable man with the infectious laugh we all know as Ryan Davis had indeed left us all too suddenly. Although I have only been a member of the Giant Bomb family for just about two years, it still feels like I have lost a close friend that I have known for a longer period of time.

I want to send my deepest condolences to the family, friends and co-workers of Ryan, I can't even imagine how they must feel, being at the center of all of this.

I will do every thing I can to keep the memory of Ryan alive.

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I'm getting old

As the hours tick by to the day I turn 20, I'm slowly realizing that I'm getting older, and everything is getting newer and newer and as I think back on all of the games that I played as a kid are now can be considered, or most of them can be considered as "Classic" I.E. Any Mario game I.E I.E Super smash bros melee.


Hey Internet

So, it's been along time since I've been on this site, and i have goods reason for not being so active, School, I've recently started going to collage for Automotive repair, so I have not had much time to do things like play around on my favorite websites. But I'll try to be more active now.


PAX east

The giant bomb panel at PAX east this year was fun. During the Q&A portion, one of my friends gave them some left over pizza that we had for dinner, it was funny.



I still have not explored the far reaches of the forums, but I was just wondering, and this may sound stupid, but are there any forum games? Because on other sites that I have browsed in the past there were forum threads dedicated to forum games.