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I saw bits and pieces of the new season, to be honest, I liked it better with Drew Carey as the host. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that the show is back on the air, but I liked the old days with Drew Carey, that's the version that I grew up watching.

I think I can get used to the new version though, it's a little different, still funny, but different.

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*Thumbs through comic books*

I would like to see Hawk World return to the spot light. Hellstorm Prince of lies might also be interesting.

Call me crazy, but I would like to see Marvel put out something related to Hawkeye and Black Widow, not a hole lot of people would like to, But I would.

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I must admit, I also shed the tears one only sheds after losing a close friend after hearing the news. It hit all of us pretty hard from out of no where.

The best thing we can do is keep Ryan's memory alive, keep the fire that is Ryan Davis burning. We will be able to move forward, but with out Ryan's infectious laugh and witty comebacks, it just wont be the same.

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Even thought the Xbox One is more like the Xbox 360, the two things stopping me from thinking about getting one are the price and the Kinect. To me, the Kinect is useless.

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"Davis' Straight Bourbon Whiskey Est. 1979" would be a cool way to honor Ryan, and I thin that it would be appreciated by the crew a lot. "The Giant Bombcask" would be something cool and different that they could keep around the office and on the set of where they make the Bombcast and such things as that. In the end, I think the decision comes down to the person who's spending the time and money to make the cask.

Ether way, I think it's a cool idea.

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I'm fairly new to the Giant Bomb community, but it feels like I've known the Giant Bomb crew for years. It feels like I've lost one of my best friends, even though I've never met Ryan or any of the other Giant Bomb crew in person, other than the Giant Bomb panels I attended at Pax East a few years back. I'll never forget Ryan's reaction to one of my friends presenting him with a slice of pizza, only to be disappointed to find out that it was not up to his standards for pizza. I'll miss Ryan. May God take care of him.

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@Inkerman: Hopefully they wont be WORSE than the Prequels

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I think it's kind of cool that he will be directing the film.

Now they just need to get him to direct a season or two of Dr. Who, and he will be loved by pretty much every nerd in the world.

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Hello, My name is Chris, but I more commonly go by CaptMagic online.

I love games, video games and tabletop games, I'm an equal opportunity game player I guess you could say. I also love cars, and I one day hope to have my own repair shop, but that goal is right now on the very back burner.

I like playing Minecraft, I have it for both the PC and the Xbox. I think I could be classified as a casual gamer, i don't play a lot of FPS's, I like more puzzle games and things, I mean, I do play games like Rage and I play some CoD, but I'm not super into the franchise to call myself a CoD fan boy.

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The giant bomb panel at PAX east this year was fun. During the Q&A portion, one of my friends gave them some left over pizza that we had for dinner, it was funny.

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