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"Bad Company 'til the day I die"

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This is just another example of how out of touch the OUYA business team is. I feel sorry for the supporters of the console & hope that things turn around in their favor soon.

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I've been following Giant Bomb since it was just a couple of "Arrow Pointing Down" podcasts. Ryan Davis has become one of my favorite entertainers in any medium & I already miss him. My condolences to all those who Ryan was important to.

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Summary: Patrick asked good questions while Microsoft referenced its press release in reply, showing that they're purely backpedaling & don't understand why people were upset in the first place.

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I like to think that a conversation similar to this is what prompted these changes:


But sir, the public perception is that we're monsters.


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For phones I'd go with the HTC One or Nexus 4 on Tmobile if coverage is good in your area. In the tablet world the Hisense Sero 7 Pro just jumped on the scene, available only at Walmart for $150. Word of mouth on it is mostly good so far & it rivals the Nexus 7 in specs for $50 less, but I'd still recommend waiting for a Nexus 7 refresh (I am). I have a 42" Panasonic Viera plasma & can't praise it enough. They produce a great picture that you can calibrate well on your own with minimal work. Brad & Ryan can tell you more in that area.

Let's shake it up a bit & talk about clothing. I don't like to overspend on clothing, so understand that I'm going to suggest dropping some bills for Gold Toe socks like it's an investment. While $20 for six pairs (Amazon, Prime eligible) may seem like a lot, I find them to be very comfortable & durable. I made the mistake of going back to cheap socks... New Gold Toes arrived yesterday. As for shoes, I'd like to point out that there may be some health benefits to wearing something with "zero drop" from heel to toe & minimal tread height. The foot is able to strike the ground more naturally, allowing evolution to do what it did for thousands of years before we started covering our feet: build a stronger arch & minimize pressure on the knees & hips. It may be the next round of pseudoscience, but I've got my eye on the "minimalist" trend in footwear.

Congratulations on stable work & I wish you the best with whatever you decide to buy.

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I'd rather see guns try to be crazy than attempt to emulate reality. I'm lookin' at you, Saints Row IV, do me proud.

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@captrocketblaze said:

This has been the latest installment of When Open Market Economics Goes Wrong. Hopefully Patrice will be one of those guys who finds a solid employer, as he seems to have wonderiffical ideas.

Come on, dude. In what universe would a state-controlled video games company not be a hundred times worse?

"When [good thing] goes [negative action]" is a naming device used for terrible, over-the-top TV shows that show when good/mundane things go wrong/bad. The business world (open market) is clashing with a seemingly cool artist. That sucks, but if you read the second sentence, you'll see that I acknowledge the open market solution to the problem. Let's not FOX News/MSNBC the situation.

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This has been the latest installment of When Open Market Economics Goes Wrong. Hopefully Patrice will be one of those guys who finds a solid employer, as he seems to have wonderiffical ideas.

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@hailinel: My guidance counselors were good about seeing both parties separately, then having a group session if they thought it was appropriate. I can't speak to issues of depression, but it would be horrible if somebody identified a child with the symptoms & didn't address the issue with the child's parents.

For me it worked when I pushed back against the assclowns who thought it was funny to pick on the quiet kid & by the time I got into high school I was able to help others who couldn't stand up for themselves. My point was that sometimes people don't know that fighting back is an option. I'm not trying to be dismissive, just saying that I didn't personally have serious issues when bullied.