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I enjoyed the first game quite a bit (Third Act not standing), so I was pretty stoked when I first heard about Riptide. But from gameplay footage I was withdrawn since it looked like more of the same - but worse.

It's hella sad to hear that that's exactly what it is, now that the reviews are coming out.

On the bright side, that just means one less game I have to pick up now. Thus money saved (for now).

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@mempstor: Nice try Zynga spokes-person. But no one is buying your whole "I'm going to stick up for Zynga by pretending to be sound like a total idiot with a half-assed argument and CAPSLOCK EVERYTHING SO IM NOTICED BETTER!" routine.

The proof is in the pudding. Zynga are villains.

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@Tangeu said:

Sure, I dislike what Zynga is doing but is EA implying that they own the rights to categories of clothing? To skin tone selectors?

You seem to be grasping at straws here. No that is not what they're doing. As can be clearly seen, the set up, and the categories used between each game are ridiculously similar to the point of b

latent theft on Zyngas behalf.

The five types of dress just so happen to be all the same? The types of personalities being the exact same? The menus in the third pictures even look similar, minus a few different placements.

It's obvious Zynga made a Sims clone. To try and undermine that with some trivial make believe implication like "is EA saying they own the rights to skin colors" is just being dumb. And whether your comment was a joke or not, it was an unfunny and lame one. Use your head, man.

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@Maiko: LOLWUT? NW2 ruled beyond reason.
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@wewantsthering said:
" @Akeldama said:
" @wewantsthering said:
I thought it said Galactus Costumes and I saw a weird dude with a purple hat. lol "
So you made a dickish comment before watching the video? Nice. "
No, my comment still stands because fighting games suck and anything Marvel sucks even harder. "
Fighting games only suck if you suck at them, otherwise they're a blast. I think it's safe to assume where you land on the scale.
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I won't lie. It was annoying because the Rear-Entry skill shot is so easy. Just stop zooming in so much.