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I would love a black t-shirt with just the regular logo.

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As long as this means more Vinny and not less Vinny, I'll be happy. Good luck, dude!

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More of this, please.

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Nah, j/k. Great idea, fellas.

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RBI Baseball is THE baseball game, as far as I'm concerned. I'm not holding my breath for this new one, though.

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This makes me like him even more. Good detective work tracking him down, Patrick.

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Damn, I tuned in just in time for that last match. Silver Samurai was nuts.

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@tafae said:

The change I'd make is simpler, just change the betting to guessing the round score. There'd be a hell of a lot more upsets that way.

That's not a bad shout. How has Salty not turned this into a massive money-spinner yet? The possibilities seem endless: hooking underage kids on grey-area gambling, whilst simultaneously luring in the once-virgin adult populace into a lifetime of addiction.

I'd imagine that the second this dude starts making real money off this, every company in the world will come knocking with a cease-and-desist order. Mad copyright infringement with all the unlicensed characters and music.

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How has this thing not been shut down yet? Every IP imaginable on display, plus music like Nirvana all over the place. Just asking for trouble.

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S Rank++' God Tier:

Alter Amiba aka "Jazz Hands," Ronald McDonald, Rare Akuma, Black Tiger. That one black Goku I forget the name of.

Who else?