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@crazybagman what I can tell, Finland and Sweden have about the same stuff generally - I would guess that this extends to rest of northern European countries. There are places that sell that stuff online (like Oobir pointed out), but you can't get everything and prices are about 3-5 times of they cost in Finland.

I got this image from this blog. Pretty much every candy pictured here is a good choice (I am not sure if Black Domino is a candy - all Dominos [~Oreos] I have seen have been cookies. And Muumi-thing is bubblegum.)

Personal recommendations of what you definitely want to try: Turkish Pepper, Heksehyl/Noitapilli and Musta Pantteri (saltier version of the Pantteri).

Now ask yourself, what kind of candy has to be represented by an image of angry jungle predator? Also there are variations that have taste of tar added to them.

Yeah, and if you get change try try the turkish pepper + vodka combo - you can get various salmiakki liquids to mix with your booze.

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So, it is an stand alone expansion to a game that was stand alone expansion?

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Saints x Ghostbusters? I would pay money for that.

"let's say this blunt represents all of the crazy-ass ghost energy in the Steelport area. According to this morning's sample it will be a blunt, 35 feet long and weighing approximately 600 pounds."

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Vanguard Princess looks like it could find home in my collection.

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Now, I am not saying that this is bad, but should this campaign be led by moderators or member of the staff? Instead we have poster who has posted nothing else and when you google his Indiegogo name - you get is article about missing person with the same name. Now, of course this can be legit, but this kind of thing could lead for some more scam posts in the future.

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Just out of curiosity, what kind of windows do you have in San Fransisco? Where I live opening (double glassed with lever locks) window silently from the outside of the 3rd floor is pretty much impossible.

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Color me surprised. This is way more interesting than Google rumor.

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