Holy Shit The Walking Dead!!!

Even after having some of the big turns spoiled during the GOTY podcasts (my choice to listen) this game is still hella affecting. I gnawed through episode 2 and 3 yesterday which was highly engrossing. My poor sweet Carely. Episode 2 has had the best arc so far, but episode 3 had more "oh shit" type moments. My money would be with episode 2 as being the best, but that could change once I play 4 and 5. Upset that I missed this last year, but better late than never I suppose.

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More Great Stuff From 2012

2012's 2010 Game of the Year: Game Dev Story

2012's 2011 Game of the Year: Skyrim

Runner ups: Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery ep, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, Bastion

Best 2012 Content on Giant Bomb: Drew and his trip to North Korea

Runner ups: Farm Simulator 2012 QL (mainly because Vinny drove a person), the life and trials of team Brad, Cacobrad, Random PC Game: Burn Cycle

The 2012 Ryan Davis Enunciation Award: "GLACIER" from BLLSL


Best Friday Live Stream 2012: Pokemon Snap


Portal 2 is pretty awesome you guys

I am very late to this party, but Portal 2 is awesome. Stephen Merchant does an amazing job and the dialogue is laugh out loud funny. Very rarely am I actually laughing with a game. I usually laugh, in a lovingly way of course, in spite of the game, but Portal 2 is legitimately funny. Just got an iphone last Monday...nice shiny 4S...of course Jetpack Joyride is my jam, but I just finished downloading Superbrothers and am thinking it will steal a good chunk of my mobile game time for the near future.

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Browser games

Hey all, hope anyone that reads this is having a great summer thus far. Just bought Portal 2 yesterday...about 50 minutes before the sale ended. I will pay 7 bucks for Portal 2 any day. I have also been dabbling in Microsoft Flight because why the hell not. My laptop has some trouble running the game, but once I lower the settings it runs ok. AIRMECH. I have been playing a whole bunch of that game. Really fun stuff, although some matches can take a really long time to complete. FTP browser games are catching my interest as of late and I plan to explore that space a bit more as the summer progresses.

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Skyrim has cured my open world fatigue

Praise be to Jesus for I am cured!!!! Around May 2010, I finally ended up squeezing the last bits of entertainment from Fallout 3 and the (good) DLC . Needless to say that after well over 220 hours I was pretty sick of the "make your own adventure concept". For the rest of that summer I reverted to playing the most linear, un-open world games I could find (thank you for easing my transition SSF4). I have to admit that I was a tad weary as I began playing Skyrim, wondering if I could feel excited about the prospects of sinking hundreds of hours into a single game. I am happy to report that Skyrim has re-captured my love for non-linear worlds. This game is filled with some amazing moments, but the best bits happen when traversing the area between point A and B. I was fearful that since I was so used to the conventions of a Bethesda RPG I would simply fast travel everywhere, but the vibrancy and variety of Skyrim allowed me to push the idea of fast travel to the wayside. I am 26 hours in thus far and I feel like the game is really hitting it's stride for me. I think we may have a top candidate for 2012's 2011 GOTY.

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2011 GOTY Awards

2011's 2007 Game of the Year: Team Fortress 2

2011's 2009 Game of the Year: Forza Motorsport 3

2011's 2010 Game of the Year: TIE - Pac-Man Championship Edition DX/ Rock Band 3

Most Disappointing Game: Infamous 2

2011 Game I Most Regret Not Playing: Bastion

Best Download-Only Game: Terraria

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Another semester gone by...

Almost done...just a couple more weeks...graduate school has been fun so far. Granted it is lots of work, but I work with cool, interesting people so that keeps things fresh. Haven't really been playing any video games lately aside from Terraria, TF2 and Forza 3. I almost finished Stacking which I have very much enjoyed. Was thinking about a top 10 list and realized I might not have played 10 games that came out this year!! I have 4 games I can think of that I could put on my list so starting next week I am going to try to consume the games of 2011 any way I can...be it buying or borrowing. Anywho, happy thanksgiving to my American duders and have batman

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Primus, School and Forza

Hello all...been a long while since I updated my blog. Started my graduate program in history and am very much enjoying the challenge, even if my anxiety levels have been going through the roof. Seeing Primus tonight at Massey Hall so i'm super stoked for that. Not much new on the gaming front...still playing Forza 3 here and there and a lot of TF2 (very very glad that game went F2P). Playing Terraria quite a bit and enjoying it very much...it will probably end up somewhere on my top 10 of the year...speaking of end of the year lists I really need to start playing/buying the plethora of games coming out this quarter. Going to pick up Gears 3 either this weekend or next. Having some problems updating my account to paid membership (STILL), but hoping I can do that soon. Anywho, whoever sees this enjoy yourselves and have batman

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