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I have much respect for Dan and everything he does. I'm super happy to see him here. Already excited to see his some articles from him.

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@atto: thanks a lot. Finally get to catch up on the episodes of alt+f1 now.

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@mikey87144: after readin that review, I don't know what the dude was expecting from a free to play mobile game. his main gripes are that its not as good as the console version and there are micro transactions. I suppose for someone wanting to write a review in a weekend, that sucks and is keeping you from getting done with the article, but for anyone who has this as one of the 10 or so games on their iPhone or iPad, its much better than other grinds on the App Store.

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@dom_catz: I'm getting past level 10 and the difficulty is just now starting to pick up. I was a little scared that they would try to shove a bunch of micro transactions into the game but so far there hasn't been a single reason to pay money yet. I did put in $3 for a bike skin and bunch of coins just to give something to the devs and that has been more than enough to keep going for the last few days and not get close to running out of money.

Even without the trigger controls of a controller to throttle up hills, I've been having a great time with the game. Never felt like I was losing from the game being bad. It's all just me not being good at it. Like Trials should be.

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Everyone I show this game to loves it so much that they want to play more stupid games like it. I know Goat Simulator was a one month kind of deal that wasn't even supposed to be a game, but what do you all think about more game like this being created either by independent developers or Coffee Stain being coerced into making a follow-up simulator with more levels and quests?

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@Nux said:

Don't worry man anytime its foggy out I can't help but think that I'm going to find a dead body hanging on a phone poll.

It usually does get foggy here after raining, but never thick enough to use fog lights when driving. i'll still be keeping an eye out though.

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I was legitimately worried when i saw this on my phone...

Its been a very long time since a game's mechanics or story have bled over into my normal daily life, but the seamless use of real world things like "check weather report" and doing it so often has caused me to check my weather app much more frequently than I ever would have otherwise. Also, the fact that its been raining more where I live doesn't help the situation.

Now, if you'll excuse me i have to wait for midnight and stand in front of my TV.

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@awesomeusername I see... Well I'll just keep trying.
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@awesomeusername did you do anything specific other than just reinstallin?
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Reinstalled the app and now I don't even get the option to say no to the wake up club. I can actually hear the other people cheering me on and when i hit Yes, i get the mini game. If I could just figure out what is making this screen show up, I would be set.