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Giant Bomb is hiring!

Many of you know that we've been looking to add to our ranks for a while now. We recently opened two positions that we're looking to fill in the near future, so if you're interested in throwing your hat in the ring, feel free to get in touch via the links below.

The first position is for an Associate Editor, which is your basic jack-of-all-trades role on the site. You'll be expected to be an excellent writer, be comfortable on camera, and be capable of expressing interesting opinions on games in reviews, podcasts, and videos. You can find more detailed job requirements here.

Next up is an Associate Producer position, which encompasses all things related to video production: camerawork, setting up the studio, editing videos, managing livestreams, and so on. There will be on-camera work as well. You can find more detailed job requirements here.

You're welcome to ask questions about these positions (although I really don't have much info beyond what's already in the listings), but please do not send résumés directly to the editors. If you want to apply, please click the "Apply To Job" buttons on the links above and do so through the CBSi Careers page. It's unlikely that the editors (or myself) will be able to do much with your cover letter or résumé, so please apply via the appropriate links to make sure your stuff gets in the right hands. These applications will likely go through our HR department before they head to the editors, so keep that in mind when composing your cover letters and the like.

We also have one more position for a summer engineering internship starting in mid-June. This is a position we're looking to fill quickly, so if you're interested, please send a cover letter and resume directly to our engineering lead at using the subject line "Summer 2014 Internship Application." Here are the specs on it:

  • Experience developing software with Java, Python, or PHP.
  • Knowledge of web development techniques using HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Previous exposure to structured Software Development Lifecycle processes and procedures
  • Technical analytical, debugging and problem-solving skills
  • Strong desire to learn new technologies and techniques
  • Solid organizational, time management, and prioritization skills
  • Ability to establish professional relationships with team members
  • Superior written and verbal communication skills
  • Currently working towards a Bachelor's or Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related software engineering field
  • 3.0 GPA or above
  • Must have at least one more semester/quarter to go at the end of internship

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here and I'll do my best to answer them. Because I'm sure people will ask, I honestly have no idea about any moving expenses that CBS covers. I believe we'll accept applications from overseas for the two non-intern positions.

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oh thank fucking god. NEW. BLOOD. NEW. BLOOD. NEW. BLOOD. NEW. BLOOD.

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I basically have the kind of skills involved for the internship, but living in the UK kind of rules me out though!

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Dammit. Express interesting ideas? Can't I deep dive into Trek minutiae? Also, flop sweat is totally not a sign of being uncomfortable on camera.

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I'm excited to see the staff expanding and good luck to all those whom apply.

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Rorie, any opportunities for internships for those going into network administration, particularly security+ or network+

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Aww, that's pretty exciting! Good luck to anyone who applies, I'd really love to see someone outside "the industry" get hired. Hella exciting stuff.

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Not that I'd really have much of a chance anyway, but whenever a job posting comes up like this, it's one of the few times I'm super bummed I live in Canada.

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Cool! Glad to see GB will be expanding a bit.

I'll apply cause why not? I'm no writing savant but it doesn't hurt I guess.

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@rorie: Have you considered pinning this topic while these positions are still available? I imagine this thread will stay pretty active for a while, but it does seem important enough in the coming weeks to possibly warrant a more permanent fixture on the forums page.

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Pretty excited about some fresh blood so Brad can catch up on his nap time! Please please please just let any new hires mesh well. Think of how bad the forums will be if they dont =(

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Great news. Happy you guys are adding to the team.

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@wolfgame: That wouldn't be in my wheelhouse to answer, unfortunately. Might want to PM mrpibb and see what he says.

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YES! After hearing about wanting to hire people for a such long time, it's nice to hear news that it's finally happening.

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Does this mean I get to make the video games?

Anyway, this is exciting. I'm real interested to see what kind of people get hired.

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Oh man oh man oh man, on the Associate Editor application page, I love how the "About Us" section is clearly company boilerplate, and then immediately following it is the "Job Description" section that has a tone about as formal as the descriptions of GB's PAX panels and was almost certainly written by Jeff.

The contrast is hilarious.

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@rorie said:
  • Experience developing software with Java, Python, or PHP.

So no real programming languages then.

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*crosses fingers*

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I'll put my name into the hat despite having no chance

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My wishlist for new staff:

Matt Bodega

And Richter

That guy that runs

Michael Strahan


Axl Rose

A food cart guy from New York


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I was really hoping for a janitorial position. Maybe next year.

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It's finally happening.

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I would love to apply, but Associate Editor is beyond me.

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Oh man, graduating in June but not permitted to be an intern any longer. Shucks.

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"You should be opinionated without being awful about it."

That's a good way to put it.

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CC @epicsteve

Pretty happy this is finally happening for realsies =]

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Hey Matt, I just submitted my application but the file requirements/ constraints on the site really doesn't allow me to send in a proper demo reel for the associate producer's job I also have several letters of recommendation that I'd like send in as well if those would be helpful/necessary let me know where to send it.

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I'm looking forward to seeing some new faces on the staff. Good luck to all who are applying!

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Looking to get back into post production, but I live on the East coast. Bummer. Best of luck to those applying!

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I have the skills but I guess there's no point if you're not American?

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Le sigh...

Would have loved for this opportunity in the past and would have applied in a heart beat.

Wish all the candidates the best of luck and to the guy who gets it a very special good luck because the community will be very picky of you for a while.

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You should steal Danny Odwyer from gamespot

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I'm desperate for a job but I'm no writer.

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@davidpengli: You may want to reach out to Vinny on twitter to see what the best way to send those along would be.

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Bah, I knew that these jobs would likely require living in SF, but part of me was still hoping they wouldn't. There is no way in hell I would ever want to live in a big city like that.

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thank you Matt, YOU DA MAN!

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My wishlist for new staff:

A food cart guy from New York

Hey, that's me:

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I hope that the crew is already planing out deprived and horrific ways to torment these new interns.

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@jay_ray said:

I'll put my name into the hat despite having no chance

I would love to apply, but Associate Editor is beyond me.

You certainly won't get in with those attitudes, misters! You gotta send in that application like you were born to fill this position and it is a goddamned privilege that Giant Bomb gets to employ you.

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Never wanted to live in the bay area more :S

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If I were in Cali, I would be applying.

::Sigh:: If Giant Bomb opens up a Boston office, let me know.

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Sending the resume in now. I hope to at least get a call. Hopefully, my past experience with BonusStage and Disney will finally pay off.

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Hire me. I will be your official Hatsune Miku correspondent. I will also carry the burden official anime editor and Pro wrestling scholar.

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I'm applying for that editor job. I have a degree in nuclear engineering so my writing is more technical. But my knowledge of video games is diverse. And I know a bit about wrestling so an invasion angle would be in order.

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@jay_ray said:

I'll put my name into the hat despite having no chance

@stealthmaster86 said:

I would love to apply, but Associate Editor is beyond me.

You certainly won't get in with those attitudes, misters! You gotta send in that application like you were born to fill this position and it is a goddamned privilege that Giant Bomb gets to employ you.

Seriously. My cover letter alone would make Jeff call me up and offer me the job. I just doubt CBSi would offer relocation. ^_^

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Damn it! I sincerely doubt that 4000 forum comments, half of which are about depression and the other half of which are about masturbation, looks terribly impressive on a resume... But it's all I got!