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When they started talking about his trip to NC with Brad and the birthplace of Dale Earnhardt, I got a little giddy. Makes me sad that I didn't get to meet him / them, but still kinda cool that he was specifically interested in seeing something from here.

It's a town called Kannapolis, and was the birthplace of nascar / moonshining and yes, the Earnhardt family. Will need to go by there and see if I can get some good pics of the statue to post here.

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@Branthog said:
  • Ciffy - Humble Indie Bundle 7
Hah, I was the only name you drew?  That's awesome. Got it redeemed. Thanks so much!
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He's also got three of the six marked as "pending email addy" so he's probably waiting on hearing back from people to give their games out to ensure people get things as close to the top of their list as possible.

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He said he maxed it out a few pages back and asked people to join a Gerstmas specific group.

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@branthog Not to sound ungrateful for your work in this, but are you updating the Google docs spreadsheet as people sign up? I signed up earlier in the week (page 8 or 9 of this thread) and still don't see my name in the google doc. just curious.

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 Been around since the beginning, but every contribution I try to make has already been made... I meet the account creation and forum posts requirements though. :)  Had to go through the whole list and see what was Mac compatible. 

  1. Humble Indie Bundle 7
  2. FTL
  3. Rush
  4. Steel Storm: Burning Retribution
  5. Defense Grid + DLC - for my nephews since they love TD games and just got a PC that can run modern games
  6. Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 1&2
  7. Gish
  8. Offspring Fling
  9. Snuggle Truck
  10. Hero Academy
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Has anyone said ExtraLife Radio yet? ELR? Scott Johnson and company had a good run, but once they stopped that show to do more focused shows, I just stopped listening. Didn't help that we moved much closer to where I work so I don't have much time for podcasts anymore... I stay a solid week behind on the bombcast as it is. =/

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@golguin : Yes. That point of no return message is the final mission. I thought, like you did, that it was a sequence or something, but no, it's just one mission. Be warned though, it's a long 'un. You'll face at least one pod of each alien type (depending on your difficulty) and it's a little spread out and long, but it's only the one mission.
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I don't know, I LOVED 2, 3 and 4 but I feel like Horizon is trying WAY too hard to be Burnout Paradise meets Dirt 2 / little bit of 3 and I've already played those games. I haven't pre-ordered it and typically only get 1 new game a year or so (I buy plenty of stuff on sale / reduced / etc). I guess I'm saying I'm glad this isn't the one I'm getting new this time around. It can definitely wait. Having to learn the fake map just to find events in Burnout Paradise really rubbed me the wrong way, so i'm not really liking the idea of doing that again.

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@psylah: Hah! Touche.