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One Step Forward and Two Steps Back 0

The King's Bounty franchise was a somewhat surprise success for the newly formed Katauri Interactive, a Russian developer consisting of roughly a dozen people. Prior to Warriors of the North we've seen two proper games (The Legend & Armored Princess) along with an expansion (Crossworlds) for the former one. Not much have changed between the releases, with graphics, sound and game play being almost identical, but there have been enough tweaks and polishes to keep people returning for more. An...

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Sugar Sweet! 0

Double Fine, Tim Shaffer's company behind the titles Brütal Legend from 2009 and the overlooked classic Psychonauts from 2005, brings us with Costume Quest a charming and adorable RPG for XBLM and PSN. It's perhaps not the longest or most memorable downloadable titles out there, but it's certainly a perfectly fine first entry by the developer for the downloadable scene. And while this isn't directly a Shaffer development, but rather Double Fine's lead animator Tasha Harris pr...

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Riddle Me This 0

Love it or hate it, the first Puzzle Quest was a huge hit, which somewhat surprised most gamers when it was released in 2007. It combined the addictive gameplay of similar games such as Bejeweled, and added in various RPG elements including a story, sidequests, character leveling, spells, and so on. Critics from both the puzzle and role-playing sides however didn't care much for it generally; puzzle-fans claimed the gameplay was too watered down and simplistic, while RPG-fans thought the st...

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Review From a S-Rank Perspective 0

So the other day I finally finished my S-Rank on Eternal Sonata. It took me 32~ hours on my first playthrough, and 27~ hours on my second. I believe I got to see and experience pretty much everything in the game, so I decided to write a review of the game.  So yeah, first things first; I wouldn't spend a total of 59~ hours on a game I didn't enjoy to some extent. The graphics are truly great, the story somewhat keeps your focus, and the (plenty of) voiceacting was good. I'd say that Eternal Sona...

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Elementary! 0

Adventuregames (or if you prefer; "point-and-click-games") are becoming more and more rare these days, after their peak of popularity in the early 90's. Mostly because of their low re-play value, and often low budget being behind them, many seem to steer clear from such games nowadays.Playing a game like Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper is a breath of fresh air today, as it's not often you get to enjoy a fully voiced adventuregame, with somewhat enjoyable graphics along with it. To be honest,...

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Singing a good melody 0

Ar tonelico II was certainly an experience from start to almost finish, and it took me around 65 hours to more or less 100% the game (which I always aim to do when playing RPGs, unless they just flat out stink). The very very long, and sometimes complex, story however is probably its biggest flaw. At first it kept me interested, and I patiently read through the (sometimes) extremely long conversations, even if most of them are without voiceacting (in the US version at least). Throughout the game...

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