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Not meaning to rain on your parade, but i saw a better one of the Kotaku 'show us your shepard' feature..

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In his early years...

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He looks incredibly...gamey. Also, it'd be more impressive to get the real Obama to put on a real space marine outfit.

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Oh my God, I don't know if I should be scared or laughing. That's...um--yeah.... O_O

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I thought someone had made a Brak character for a second there. I guess this is just as good. :)

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LMAO dude that's insane!!

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Should take pictures of one of the sexin scenes, then blackmail to show his wife.

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Oh man. This is just like that dream I had last night.

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Why is Obama white? 

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Dude yes

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@EpicSteve said:
" In his early years... "
He left the Alliance and the Council to run for President.
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I wonder why he hasn't ran for a council position yet?

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who was president for those 2 years while he was dead ?