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I'm looking for a monitor to use with my laptop, and I don't want to break the bank on it, since it won't be used for for any high-end gamng. As far as size goes, I'm want one that is in the 21-24" range.

I know Dell makes great monitors, but I don't know much about other companies. Thanks!

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I'm playing on PS4, so I'm not going to see mods anytime soon, but here are my initial wants from mods for settlements, when they finally come to PS4:

  • Electricity Streamlined - I understand having the need for wires to connect between individual buildings, but once you attach a conduit to a building and wire it to a generator/pylon, it should power everything in the building.
  • Neon signs/lights - Whenever I go to Diamond City, I just think about how I want to make cool neon lights for my settlement(s).
  • More lightbox controls - the light squares are cool, but take too much power and you have no control over them outside of assigning color. Also, I want to be able to control individual lights from the same terminal: make each light a different color, etc.
  • Locking furniture placements - I like some flexibiity, but with my OCD, I get frustrated when I can perfectly align furniture parallel/corner to walls/buildings.
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I have been focusing solely on Sanctuary, as far as settlements goes. My most recent projects are developing the "greeting area" in front of the bridge, and a town hall in the center of the cul-de-sac.

My welcome sign and office building.

My Grand Town Hall

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Right now, I have been experiencing some framerate and loading issues around my Sanctuary settlement, but that may be because it is pretty big so far and I have used the stored weapons glitch to free up settlement size.

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I have put dozens of hours in so far on PS4, and I haven't noticed any lingering deterioration of performance. The only hiccups I have dealt with is whenever I get into a Vertibird.

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@sterling said:

@citizenkane: You should also look at getting armorer mod level 2. That way you can make deep pocketed mods for your armor. Each piece of armor with that raises your limit by 10, so you can get an extra 50 weight with one in each piece. That really helped me early on.

Really? I didn't realize that. I was already looking to rank up my Armorer perk, but this gives me a lot more incentive to do so. It will require less points than getting my Strength to 6 and getting the Strong Back perk.


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I have always gone with Perks, but lately I've been thinking of dropping a few points in Strength so I can get the Strong Back perk. Every scavenging run results in having to drop items, even when I'm wearing Power Armor to increase my weight and having my companion hold as much as possible.

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So far, it has to be Nick Valentine. I just love his 40s film noir caricature and his look. I've always loved the look of humanoid A.I. with some robotic insides showing.

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I've come across 4 suits and a power armor frame in my travels. I've stored them in Sanctuary and am currently rocking the T-60 with about 16 Fusion Cores in stock (you find a shit ton of them in the early Brotherhood of Steel missions).

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I've gotten far enough into the story to where I have most of the map available directly or close by fast travel spots. I've also built up enough caps through the ammo/caps glitch to where I can easily any ammo I might need on side scavenging runs.

I also probably spent most of my time on the settlement building, which I correctly predicted right after E3.