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Whatever, this is what Papa Johns did.

We can always count on Papa John's to boldly go to the dark places of fast food ingenuity. They are the Hardee's of pizza chains.

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I haven't seent Twin Peaks in a while, but I can't imagine how they could make it work.

Then again, Twin Peaks is pretty crazy, so I'm sure they can come up with reasons logical within that universe that will make sense.

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It's basically just porn fantasy for upper-middle class soccer moms, and it's terribly written. It's as if Danielle Steel wanted to go the S&M route with her novels.

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Well, there goes the rest of my vacation. I haven't played a Sims game since #2. I put way too much time into those games growing up.

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This is just simply amazing. Very well done job all-around, duders.

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Yep, seems like every student job at a university.

At least you had dual monitors at your job!

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Keep it simple and choose an activity that will allow you two to see each other and talk, like getting something to eat/drink, museum, etc. Just don't choose a movie. Sitting in a dark room for two hours without being able to talk to each other is terrible when first starting to hangout.

Just keep it casual and take initiative, but keep it slow at first. It's really not that hard.

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I have been watching all of Season 3 today. I am so pumped for tomorrow night!

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"You have nothing. Nothing to threaten me with. Nothing to do...with all your strength."

This is one of, if not the best single line of dialogue that encapsulates Batman and The Joker. There is nothing Batman can do to frighten the Joker. He is not only unafraid of Batman's brutal strength, genius intelligence and expert fighting skills, he actively welcomes it. He wants to drive Batman to unleash his power and, ultimately, break his own rules.

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My girlfriend is coming over to my place and I am cooking dinner and desert for her. After that, we'll probably watch a movie or something more insidious....