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For some people, it takes a little bit to get going, because the main foci of the show are character and setting (the city and institutions) development, which both are longer-termed literary devices.

Once they have been established(which is about Season 2, I believe), the show becomes a lot more binge-worthy because you have now become more invested in the characters and their individualized/personal struggles with trying to find success and, to a more basic and instinctual level, perseverance in a world where the institutions which were originally built to encourage, help and protect them, have grown into bureaucratic monoliths constantly pushing them down through apathy, ignorance/incompetence or, worse, institutionalized degradation and suppression.

If for nothing else, you should just watch it as a student of television and experience of the shows that kicked off the current golden age of television.

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I was a follower on GameSpot since 2000. Once Jeff left, I followed him to blog and then to Arrow Pointing Down. Once the Giant Bomb blog came online in March 2008, I became an active follower there. Right before the full site went online, Dave Snider emailed me about being a tester of the site before it went public. When it became public, I became the first moderator, which despite the constant headaches of the young community was a very fun time for me.

Anyway, that's my story of how I ended up here on Giant Bomb.

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I just started watching and am 2 episodes in. I am really digging it so far. The fights are excellently choreographed, though the lighting (or severe lack of) kinds of hinders the scenes sometimes.

Overall, I am definitely going to binge it over the weekend.

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Depends on the critic(s). If its someone whose opinion I value (like the guys here on GB), I will take some caution, but I will still try the game for myself anyways.

If it's someone in person, I have a light-hearted discussion about the game, but nothing too serious. I don't get too worked up over other people's opinions on video games.

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Drew should definitely find 4 less frustrating to play. Also, shit just goes completely nuts in an amazing way.

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Yes, but they are older games that I either lost the discs for, or a more modern compatible version became available of Steam or GOG.

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Maxis was an important staple of y childhood gaming life. Its really sad to see what they have become post-Will Wright. Reshuffling the studio might be the best course. Its a shadow of its former self and could use a shift in its operations. I want great SimCity games again, and this might be the best option to getting those.

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As a Heat fan, I was spoiled the past 4 years. Now, its back to the pre-LeBron days. One good thing, though. is seeing the rise of Hassan Whiteside. If he was like this with the teams of the past 4 years, it would have been ridiculous to watch.

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I was really looking forward to Star Wars 1313. I still have hope that they will do something with the premise.

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Last year this time, I got a Vizio 50" LED 3D Smart TV. It was only $800 and I have really enjoyed it so far, even if the built-in Smart programs aren't that great. But, I have an Apple TV for that stuff.