A Farewell to Drew Scanlon Thread

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As it was just announced a few minutes ago - Drew's last day in GBs office will be on the 3rd of March 2017.

If anything, he's been the persona which I most shared interests with - flight/mil sims and what not and undoubtedly he has made a huge impact for this website.

Not to mention him covering PRBF2 insipired me to try that game which changed my life for the better with me finding so many friends because of that game.

EDIT: How could I forget? Drew and Dan talking about meditation has also made my life better! That article you wrote for begginers is such a great point to jump off into meditating!

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Best of luck out there Drew! You will be missed.

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God damn thats a real gut punch. Drew has been such a great member of the crew for so long its going to be tough without him.

Best of luck Drew

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mfw Drew is leaving

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This is the saddest news, but best of luck Drew!

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Goddammit... I'm gonna miss ya Drew.

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Gonna miss having you around, Drew. From hearing you in the background in the early days, to you being a full on cast member in the latter days.

Giant Bomb isn't going to be the same without you.

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Farewell Solid Scanlon. Thanks for everything.

Good luck out there.

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Where was this announced?

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I'm unbelievably saddened by this news. Gonna miss you Drew.

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West crew gettin' a little thin right now. Drew will be sorely missed!

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You're one of my favorite personalities on the site Drew, you will be missed. Good luck in your future endeavors.

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Bye DREW and best of luck

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I love you, Drew :(. My heart can't take all of these guys leaving.

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Good luck @drewbert Going to miss you a lot on the site. You are my favorite camera duder/pilot/f1 guy.

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Thanks and good luck, Drew!

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I always figured you'd move on from video games coverage at some point. As nerdy as it sounds, your technical expertise/coverage behind the camera was something that I enjoyed just as much as the game stuff. But most of all, I want to thank you, Drew, for the 24 hour streams you've done over the years, It's some of the best content on here.

Stay a friend of the site!


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Spread your wings and fly...you know, literally.

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kinda shocking to me that another member leaves, before we even hear anything about a new hireling after dan changes coasts.

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I'm heartbroken to see Drew go, but whatever he's doing next must be something special if it's pulling him away from Giant Bomb.

Best of luck, Drew. <3

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Drew has been a part of Giant Bomb as far back as I can remember. Way back during Whiskey Media in the basement. Back when Giant Bomb took interns ... still can't believe this is real.

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Anyone but Drew.... :(

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Man what a bummer...but I'll always wish the best for him! Godspeed Drew!! We will always be there for you my man! o7

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Whaaaaat nooooooooooooooo.

Best of luck Drew! You are a rad guy and I have no doubt you will keep doing rad stuff.

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Dreeeeeeeeeeeeeeew. :(

I loved seeing Drew slowly become better and better in front of the camera over the years. He's been a great voice and personality on the site and I'll be sad to see him go. :(

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Ah man, I am going to miss Drew. Best of luck!

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It always hits me hard when a crew member leaves, it's like a friend moving out of town.

Good luck on whatever you're going to do next, Drew. We'll miss you.

I need to lay down for a bit now and try not thinking about this.

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Drew? Drew! Dreeeeeeeew!

But seriously, gonna miss you duder. Good luck (have Batman) in whatever you do next.

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Guess that puts a bullet in Alt-F1

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This is the worst, but I full heatedly wish him the best in whatever it is he is doing.

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Best of luck to Drew on his new adventure. Going to be missed on the site.

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What? No :(

Good luck, Drew! Wherever it is you're going!

I'm sad now :(

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I'm sad now. I'm gonna miss him on the site a whole lot, but I wish him nothing but the best. He's been here since the very beginning.

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I wish you all the luck Drew you have been a great member of the GB crew over the years and hate to see you go but new adventures await.

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This really true and not a joke based on his current internet famousness being too big to stay here?

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How do people know this? I'm not seeing an official announcement or anything (not doubting it, just curious).

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Damnnnn, earliest Drew memory is the Bombcast episode...FROM THE MOON!!

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So Drew is joining the Twitch overlords too? Kappa

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Good luck, Drew. Truly going to miss your wry sense of humour.

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You will be missed Drew. You flew a warplanes straight into our hearts.

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Oh no!!!

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It's at the end of the latest (just recorded) Bombcast.

Also - good luck Drew! It's been a blast!

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*crying forever over here*

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