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Bad Company can be good 0

Since dropping the controller after my first play of Battlefield: Bad Company, it was hard for me to look back. Sure the destruction was great, but the lackluster movement, and no following of online by any of my friends left something to be desired. Then the demo for Bad Company 2 dropped. Things changed, and in a good way. The squad-based element is even more accentuated with this rounds attempt, and for good reason. The vehicle transportation/combat system has been greatly improved upon and r...

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Fun, but nothing special. 0

I originally purchased Dark Sector because it was partially developed in London, Ontario which is where I live. The studio helped out on Bioshock so I figured this game can't be all that bad given the success of others. The thing I enjoyed most about the game was the glaive, a 3 sided throwing disc that can take your enemies apart and returns to the throwers hand. This is by far your most useful weapon/item as you can control it in-flight in a sort of "bullet-time" sequence if you will. The glai...

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Glad I picked it up 0

I was a bit skeptical on picking this title up at first as I prefer FPS games with lots of realism and intensive graphics. I've always enjoyed cel-shading but never thought it suited shooter games. However, this game combines the two beautifully in a package that delivers both visually pleasing surroundings and a rewarding notion that your money was spent wisely. At first I wanted to get the hang of the game and figure things out before I attempted online co-op and embarassed myself.. Once I did...

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