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@Asinies said:

Also, to the people saying that the 720p thing refers to the textures, thank you, I'll update the OP.

Just wanted to point out the 'p' in there doesn't make sense when talking about a stands for 'progressive scan' and only deals with how monitors/tvs handle displaying video.

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So awesome this made it nice work everyone! Maybe in a year or 2 will finally have a replacement for Raven Shield :)

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Sweet! Only 2 grand to go gonna make it! Did not think this was going to happen looking at it yesterday.

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Still long way to go but that revamp sure made a difference on activity. If it doesn't make it hopefully they'll try again with a better start.

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@mobbus said:

It's probably more playable on the iPad.

More playable then with what? Like a mouse? I kinda doubt it heh.

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@Serellan01: Wish you the best of luck! Really hoping for a big push over the next few weeks...a new game of this type is truly needed.

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@Funkydupe said:

I understand that 200k is the minimum goal to start development, but can they really build something solid in the FPS genre on that alone? It almost seems like they didn't believe in themselves when setting the goal.

He says thats just to prove interest in the game and then he'll then take it up with private investors for additional funding.

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Its disappointing that half the month is gone and its only 1/4 the way there. If it ends up not making it I really hope this doesn't further discourage him or other devs from going after this kind of game. A new real RS type game is really needed!

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Really hope this goes through. R6 games were awesome till after Raven Shield...just played RS the other week even.