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@SeriouslyNow: Also he he did not know that CS and CS Condition zero were both released on consoles before.
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Patrick you do know that Counter Strike has been on consoles before right?  I guess you can't be bothered to research before you write an article. 
Here let me link you the Giant Bomb pages:
Pretty much all of Valve's releases have been on consoles but good job trying to stir up PC-Console shit  and getting the name of the game wrong.
On an unrelated note, why was Brad Nicholson fired again?

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Holy shit, that was awful.

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I beat the game and I would tell you to not waste your time but it seems most of you all ready have. The game is okay but really the plot can be summed up with 2-3 sentences. "Dude falls in love with an AI but a virus is loose, killing all the AIs. She, and ONLY she is the only one able to stop the virus but she must be sacrificed. You then make the easy choice of killing her (she's an artificial intelligence, seriously) so that uh something?"
 The game ends when you sacrifice her and it is not clear why it was important. There is no ending and it never explains why it was so important to keep the AI(s) alive or why stopping the virus was so important. 
Also the game tries to get you to feel sad about the destruction of chat bots. Seriously. (The main character, you in this case, falls in love with a chat bot.) Am I missing something? The game did not seem that good to me.

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Probably too late but

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Now if only this was updated for their newest album Deadly Electric.

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Husky and HD starcraft are pretty bad. Dunno about PsyStarcraft but Day 9 is the the best of the bunch. 
Though I do admit that Day 9 has an affinity to make the first half of his videos an vlog instead of just about Starcraft.

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If you had read the manual one of the features is cloud support with

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When Jeff started quoting Neuromancer on the podcast. Dave then caught on and said "are these all Neuromancer quotes" and jeff says you mean the BIBLE? And then later they talk about move and kniect and Dave says stop talking a bout Neuromancer, seriously. THen Jeff and Ryan quoted Neuromancer again with Jeff saying "THe Sprawl" and Ryan saying "Black ICE!". But Vinny, being clueless, says "Red Queen" which is a resident evil quote not a Neuromancer quote.
Not my favouriet but one of them.