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lol @ Dan's water crisis prediction

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I can see where the violence is too excessive for some but for me I find that the violence here is so ridiculously over the top that I find the whole thing hilarious

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Wow that looks visually impressive but I'll hold my excitement till release considering that Watch Dogs also looked impressive with their early "in-engine" footage too

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I would be fine with 30 fps if the PC version meant the game didn't take twenty damned years to load every time you boot it up.

Not sure that framerate would be in anyway related to improved load times but my load times barely go over 10 seconds and I don't even have this thing installed on an SSD

@yarbles said:

"I know people with 980's running at higher than 1080p with everything on max settings getting like 90fps everywhere"

How many 980's are they using Brad ? because I and everyone else who max out the game only get a constant 60fps/1080p on a single 980 card only if we don't use any MSAA (even then it can dip sub60)

Here's a $1000 Titan X failing to maintain 60fps@1080p with a maxed out GTA5

Personally I've had to dial down some of the game settings to get 4X MSAA on my 980 card and keep 60fps.

I laughed pretty hard when he said that. My 980 is staying pretty close to 60 most of the time except when out in the hills when the tessellation and shadows take my frames down to the mid 40s but considering that almost everything is maxed out at 1440p I'm more than happy with the performance. I'm not crazy enough to bother messing with MSAA though, I don't care that much about aliasing when the resolution is this high.

Probably the worst quick look I've ever seen. Terribly short and uninformative. One of the most anticipated PC titles this year and you guys play it with a console controller on medium graphics options. Underwhelming to say the least. I want Vinny and Jeff playing this on a computer that could run a small country. Bleh GB just bleh.

If you're looking for a technical breakdown of the PC version then you fucked up by trying to find that here. The quick look was a bit short but I don't really care about them using a controller (hell that's what I'm using right now playing this) but I wish they messed around with tweaking settings more. That 670 in their PC could have easily handled higher textures and shadows.

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This seems more like a Breaking Jason feature than an Encyclopedia Bombastica feature but I'm not complaining

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@nissanskyline said:

That desert in the end looks pretty rough, dont know why they keep talking how good it looks etc.

Keep in mind that they're not running everything on the highest settings here.

Yup, those areas ironically ended up being the most demanding framerate wise when I bumped up the textures, shadows, and tessellation to the max. They look incredible and even bogged down my GTX 980 to the mid 40's

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I was expecting Vinny to do the Quick Look for this. An open world game and a video editor mode? It's like it was tailor-made for him!

Really hoping for a separate playtime video for this like Vinny did with Mordor

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Should have turned those textures up to very high but it still looks good either way

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lol at Dan getting shut down by everyone when he started laying down arbitrary parameters for what a musician is