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Take me to your video game world, Jeff

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@khrae_ said:

I can't believe they're actually archiving all 78 hours of this raid.

78? That doesn't seem right at all

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Man this game.. I just started playing it on PC after watching this Spookin live. I feel like there's an enjoyable experience there but the crappy aspect ratio and performance hinders it so much. They released the 60fps command code but I'm on a GTX 980 and any open areas the framerate is all over the place from 40-60 and that code for zooming the screen in is not the right way to fix the aspect ratio on this game.

Wow it's so unoptimized that it even chugs on a 980? No wonder the performance is also crap on consoles, fuck this game

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This game seems kinda bad like almost all around bad. The visuals and performance look gross, no wonder the PC version system reqs are fucked

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@amyggen said:

Relevant, probably

@DanRyckert · 15m15 minutes ago

My grandpa once said that Garth Brooks “oughta be locked up” because he was “swinging around on ropes” and using fireworks at his concerts.

@DanRyckert · 11m11 minutes ago

Compared to him, my Bombcast comments about arresting druggies at Burning Man are progressive as hell.

Kinda like when extreme "right wingers" in politics compare themselves to Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh to make sure they're not that extreme

@milkman said:

@mooseymcman: I know it's probably not the best idea to challenge a mod's opinion but the idea that (in America, at least) police DON'T do enough about drug offenders is pure insanity.

Do you have any idea how many non-violent drug offenders get double digit prison sentences?

Ignorance is bliss.

Anyways, I never intended to get this far into the whole drug thing because it honestly wasn't that big of a deal on the bombcast considering how crazy the comments were in the first place but the one thing that has always bothered me is how some people think that doing an illicit drug immediately makes that person into something bad instead of looking at the reasons that drove that person to the drug in the first place but I'll say it again, ignorance is bliss.

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I want Jeff to use that sinister tone of voice every time he talks about any kind of conspiracy.

Conspiracy Jeff is best Jeff!

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Huh, I didn't notice how much Dan was sheltered till hearing the burning man talk but maybe not as much at how Jeff became Mr. Libertarian, go Jeff!

Keep your drugs to yourself and don't hold down people and shoot them full of drugs, mkay?

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