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As someone who considers himself to be a cannabis enthusiast I think you're being way too nice here. There's no excuse for being an inconsiderate asshole who hotboxes (has to be smoking a whole lot for the smell to be spreading around that much) their room without thinking once about others in the building who probably don't want any part of that.

Your first step should be to find out who's doing it and confront them, if you can't find them or they're an asshole then report their ass. Who cares if the guy gets caught? Fuck that guy, he should learn the hard way on what happens to stupid stoners.

Oh and in regards to the thread title, RIP smokedawg420. I miss you weedbro

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Hell no.They've only showed off a generic looking story for the most part in trailers. If there was something worth showing in the gameplay they would have trotted that out by now so at best I'm expecting this to be just be an OK third-person cover shooter. This is a forgettable rental at best for me

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The story doesn't even seem that great though

The fact that you seem to be judging it based on a series of 2 minute trailers in what is presumably an 8-ish hour game is a bit odd. I don't really think we've seen enough either way to say whether or not it is great. If you mean it doesn't seem like your cup of tea, I guess that's more understandable.

First impressions are critical. Would you spend your money on a shitty movie because the trailers (you know, the advertising) may not have done it justice?

They tell me that the story was a focus for them in development yet I don't exactly see anything that jumps out as original to me here, maybe the tesla weapons will be cool? Based on the trailers I just get the feeling that the protagonist eventually has the cliche crisis of conscious and switches sides when some craaazy plot twist (maybe YOU'RE THE HALF-BREED) happens that makes the Order seem like the bad guys all along (DUN DUN DUN). Hell that recent trailer all but confirms my suspicions so fuck that noise.

Sorry that I don't need to completely play through a game to get a sense of the story. Watching trailers that have pretty much only focused on cutscenes for the most part was more than enough for me to get a sense of what's going on, this looks like nothing more than a forgettable blockbuster rental which is how I'll treat it as if the shooting and weapons end up being decent at all.

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The story doesn't even seem that great though

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Wait ... what did Jeff said about the Witcher 3? .... also they didnt place any attention to the grand Witcher 2 so I dont thnk GB is goin to cover the Witcher 3 properly , nor Bloodborne.

Yeah it's a bummer because Patrick was the only guy I know who was vocal about looking forward to playing it but he's gone now. I know Vinny is the only other one who likes the Witcher

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Like other people have said, streaming from a PC to an Xbox would be way better but the big announcement that I'm seeing here is the free upgrade to Windows 10 for not only 8.1 users but also 7.

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@hobozero: I used to own an X51 before I built my current rig and I enjoyed it quite a bit. You get a lot of performance considering the form factor, I didn't think they could handle a 970 but I guess it makes sense considering the power efficiency.

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After watching that Quick Look of the DLC I'm starting to worry about how the SRIV port will run. I honestly thought that DLC was running on a 360 because of the choppy framerate which is unacceptable. At the very least a last gen port should be running at 1080/60fps

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Well it's good to not be the only who feels the need to dump on this list. A DBZ fighting game? Get out

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Well shit