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Guy is a dumbass but at least he owned up to his stupidity

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You're not asking for too much and if anything this should make understand that you should vote with your dollars and only get games that put in the proper work. Say no to shit PC ports and try your best to wait long enough for others to play a newly released game to confirm whether or not the new release is a shit port or not.

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@hailinel: Cool, I'll probably get it on disc though. I remember hearing that the second game could almost fill up the 32 gig internal so then there won't be room to download the first game and I really don't feel like buying more memory for a console I barely use

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Used to work at McDonalds for a couple months back when I was 16 or so. It was ehh, it was mostly dealing with customers up front or drive thru.

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Don't mean to hijack but I'm curious if buying Bayonetta 2 on eshop means not getting the first game or do you not have to buy the retail copy to get the bundle?

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@aegon said:

Compared to most of Korra, the 2nd episode this season was one of the best. The only thing that bothered me was Korra dismissing the Spirit's offer to help, although it was that same spirit that led her to Toph.

Also, this was a pretty funny reference to that stupid marble trick only Aang found amusing:

I died when I saw that picture

Was Aang like a chain smoker or something? All his friends have outlived him by about 20 years.

Yeah like seriously. He must have been dead way early considering how old Korra is and Katara still being alive

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@ian_rm said:

@pokysharpy said:

Giant Bomb represents the sane, level-headed, silent majority's feelings on this shitshow. Thanks to Jeff for writing this, thanks to the staff for standing behind it, and a big "shaking my head" at the sorry situation that caused it to be written at all.

Well said, good Sir. Couldn´t have put it better myself.

Feeling the same way here

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Some nice additions but what is taking so long with the suspend mode?

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I decided to pick this up since it was like $45 on greenmangaming. I just made it through the prologue so that plus all the other footage that GB put out of the game led me to these quick judgments.

  • The game's art and lightning help set a incredibly eerie and disturbing tone but holy shit does it almost all look like...shit on the technical side, these are some disgusting looking textures (not the good horror kind of disgusting either)
  • Fuck this game's performance, there's zero reason for it to run uneven. The game is so unoptimized that it demands ridiculous system reqs, no wonder it also runs poorly on consoles
  • Character movement feels stiff along with some of the animations, some parts of the game just feel hella dated. Here's hoping the gunplay won't hamper my experience further
  • At least this game has some fucked up looking enemies though and it doesn't hold back the gore for a second, I can appreciate that
  • As for the story, somebody in here beat me to it with the FEAR comparison. I'm definitely getting failed experiment vibes from this so far but the more disappointing part is how plain ole boring the protagonist is, not a fan
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That just seems crazy