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Weird, I've noticed some microstutters happening when walking in that Nilfgaard outpost in White Orchard but that was the only place where there was performance issues

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Where can I find silver? I'm one silver ingot short from being able to craft the silver viper sword

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i7 4770k, 16 gigs RAM, and GTX 980.

Everything is maxed out except for hairworks which I have turned off and I'm getting 60 fps with very few drops at 1080p. I can run it at 1440p but the game hovers around the mid 40s so no thanks.

They need to fix the hairworks stuff, it's ridiculous that it drops my frames from 60 to 50

@friendlyphoenix: Just use geforce experience. It has a built in frame counter that you can use

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@grtkbrandon: I guess it's becaues I have a 980 but I still would rather keep things close to 60 as much as possible

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@alistercat: Seems like it still runs like poop. I have everything else maxed out but the hair drops my frames from 60 to 50

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Cool, I'm gonna install it here soon. Has anyone turned the hairworks stuff back on to see if it still drains framerate?

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Holy shit this changes everything. I took a break from the game for a while but now that's going to stop

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harping on graphics again, but i'm so torn between dialing down things a few notches for sweet sweet 60fps or keeping most things maxed out and hovering around 30. almost about to go for a 2nd r9 290 or maybe even just getting a 980 (Which would be dumb but i feel so much shame for my amd)

I would just get a 970.

I'm about 5 hours in and the only crash I've had was in the tutorial section when the game transitioned from cutscene to gameplay. I'm kinda bummed about the devs changing the look of who I'm guessing is the boss guy of the Wild Hunt. I liked his character design in the original reveal trailer and comparing that footage with similar scenes in the actual game is really highlighting how much they pulled back on graphics for the final release

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Unity was the last game that had me kinda interested because it was the first real current-gen AC title. Well after that disaster happened I no longer care about any other AC games. I won't cross them out completely but it will take great reviews for me to want to look at another AC game again

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Ran into a couple issues with the game. Like others have said the inventory layout is a bit of a mess. My other issue is the ingredients collecting for potions. I need this one ingredient (arenaria) to make wraith oil so is there a specific place to get that or am I expected to randomly stumble across when picking up random flowers or whatever. I wish the ingredient stuff was a little less all over the place