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1080, 60 or GTFO

Both confirmed my colorful little hippie. (well, targeting 60 but that means it'll be 60 right!?)

That means they're trying to reach it but if that can't happen then expect an unlocked framerate that should be relatively high on average

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I'm really going to miss the Colbert Report and its smart angle of highlighting political bullshit

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1080, 60 or GTFO

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That's kind of funny, shooting guys in the face wouldn't exactly be the cause, it's more about being frustrated over not being able to be good at shooting guys in the face. It makes some sense though, I've always felt more frustrated wrestling with game mechanics to do something than anything else.

I think it's why I'm having a lot of fun in Titanfall at the moment because I feel like I have total control over my character and my mistakes can be attributed to me instead of wonky game controls.

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Freaking Greninja.

Nintendo knocking it out of the park again.


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Got it because idk it was just a buck?

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Used to be primarily console but now I'm nearly all in on PC. I wouldn't say 100% PC because I would still get a console if the machine had several titles I couldn't get anywhere else.

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@leebmx: It really is too much like socialism.

Honestly, I don't really have a problem with the system. The way I see it, I would rather have a corrupt system where there would be even the slightest, most miniscule chance that I, one day, might be rich enough that I would be one of the ones pulling the strings. Why? Because I'm a bad person at heart.

Gross, but at least you know what you are

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I think the Supreme Court ruled correctly. It may not be the outcome we want, but it is not the purview of the Supreme Court to revise the constitution.

They don't have to revise the constitution, just their interpretation of it which sadly won't happen again for a long time.

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To be totally clear, this isn't really corruption, because candidates are still required to disclose every group that donates to them. Corruption is when policies are made that favor a certain group which has secretly given money to a policy maker.

More like legal corruption, but it wouldn't matter that much anyways if this wasn't even a thing in the first place because corps can still funnel their money anonymously through super PAC's.