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"Concrete floor meet cell phone, cell phone meet concrete floor"

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Bummer but Clarkson was kinda asking for it for a long time and kept crossing the line to see how far his clout will take him....well he finally found out what the limit was.

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@sodapop7: Not necessarily. Sony is more involved in the new Street Fighter game but that one is coming out for PC as well as PS4. PC is becoming more of a neutral ground that is getting releases that are typically only on one console and not the other

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Wait, the batman games are seriously being ported to new consoles?

If I wanted to play them I would play them again on the original console or as someone who has a PC I will play the PC version that will still look better than the vast majority of these so called "remasters".

God this generation continues to be weak and disappointing

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I was interested until I saw the price, fuck that shit

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@vahleticar: Someone should set up a watitng room thread

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All gaming laptops will do in my experience is always make you want something that is a bit stronger. That plus being stuck with something that will only age with no chance of upgrading it is why I hate gaming laptops.

If you have a bunch of disposable income that you can have both a gaming PC and a gaming laptop for portability then power to you but even then I would rather have a good, light laptop like a Macbook Air and a gaming PC which are what I have

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@sfighter21: If you can bump your budget a bit higher you could get a 970 for around $320 which will last you for a while and have you completely covered for 1080p gaming otherwise a 960 should do

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"I just bought Ace Ventura: Nature Calls on blu-ray"


Metal Gear Scanlon 3: Part 7

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lol, this current gen continues to be content chugging along with the most boring and safest of game releases. I'm sure this was the result of an "Oh fuck, we really don't have anything else for this year!" reaction to Uncharted being pushed back