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The Final Nail in the Coffin 0

Halo: Reach is the final Halo game that will be developed by Bungie and it acts as the end of Halo as we know it, even as it represents the beginning of the Halo storyline.  The game puts you in the boots of new Noble Team member: Noble Six as the first reports of the Covenant attack on the planet Reach are being confirmed. As Noble Six, you’ll explore Reach with a squad of spartans as you attempt to fend off a massive invasion.    Loved:Noble Team is a stunning departure from the usual cast of...

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An Uncut Gem 0

 Mount & Blade: Warband is janky, dated and nearly incomplete. Despite these glaring setbacks, the game is still an incredible open-world adventure in which players have full control over the medieval world that surrounds them. As a hybrid of third-person action adventure games and RTS games, Warband much like its predecessor: Mount & Blade, is a game which puts you in control of a main player-controlled character who can recruit armies, conquer castles and cities, fight random battles, ...

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Why so Infamous? 0

Infamous is a shining example of an atmospheric open world game that doesn’t sacrifice story or gameplay in its attempts to give the player free reign over the game world. Playing as Cole, a bike messenger turned into an energy wielding superhuman, you’ll find yourself immediately immersed in a city full of destruction, despair and danger which is yours to either save or destroy.The first thing that you’ll notice about Infamous, are the amazing visuals which are superb technically, as well as ae...

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A Beatiful Excercise in Frustration and Monotony 7

Shank has received a lot of praise for its uniquely stunning art-style which definitely amounts to what is a beautiful game. Despite aesthetic beauty and some well matched music, the game is an exercise in frustration and intense button mashing. It is a standard brawler with an amazing disguise that attempts to mask the fact that the game quickly gets stale and repetitive.It’s obvious that Klei Entertainment has a large and talented art/animation division because of the beautiful work they have ...

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Balls of Gold 4

 For a game involving such a busty woman, it’s surprising to see just how many balls are in Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. As Lara’s first adventure in an isometric perspective, the game really sets itself apart from the Tomb Raider series as it focuses on having fun, and exploring the game world. The story is generic and obvious, and there are only three characters, which doesn’t exactly help the situation. However, the game is built upon solid gameplay and endless replayability rather t...

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Giant Serpent Whirlpool! 0

 Arcade racing games are a penny a piece, but arcade boat racing games? Hydro Thunder Hurricane fills a void in the XBLA Marketplace as it represents a rare type of racing game, one that actually involves boats and that actually does it well. The game is as simple as it sounds, but still manages to provide hours of fun and endless replayability.As with standard arcade racing fare, the game puts you behind the wheel of various boats in different game modes including basic races, as well as events...

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"Bacon makes you better at everything" 0

Combat sports have existed for centuries, but never like in Monday Night Combat. Starting up the game, you find yourself greeted with an extremely polished and yet incredibly off the wall tutorial that involves a contestant in the extravagant game that is Monday Night Combat. This theme of incredibly campy sporting events is present throughout as an exaggeration of how sports exist in modern times. The game makes  a joke of nearly everything as the entire premise of the game is one in which co...

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Ambiance, Mood and Simplicity 0

   Ambiance is what defines Limbo as a game that is both stunning and appreciable despite its obvious simplicity. The simple graphics, controls, audio and interface all establish a mood that is present throughout the entire game and that is at the same time, immensely profound. This mood and the game’s refreshing simplicity are what separates it from most modern games and yet still presents it in an incredibly appropriate manner. With a quiet and haunting ambient soundtrack along with ...

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