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So I watch the stream with the chat as minimal as possible. Currently when you're entering a message, your text is columned between the list of Replies and the Message length counter.

Can this be changed? Either drop the text entry a line below the Replies (Was this the way it used to be?), or change it so the replies column extend the whole screen. Thanks.

Also, Laika hinted that Polls might be added to the sidebar, rather than being under the stream, which would be great for me. At the moment the polls are off-screen with a maximized browser window and chat as thin as it can go.

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Overall there are 6 chapters, Immortal. Chapter 4 feels like the longest, the story luls and they shift the cast around a bit. Pacing picks back up in five; and chapter six takes the new elements explained in five and twists them.

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I enjoy Endless Space, in the past I played a lot of EVE Online - I would not recommend Endless on the back of its economic game. This is very much a Civilization game, and I don't think it'll provide the experience you are looking for. The economy can be summed up as :

Planet Type * Population * Strategic Resource bonuses = Productivity per Turn.

This game is comparable to Galactic Civilization, Sword of the Stars and Sins of a Solar Empire.

I've often thought the X series of games ( the newest being X3 Terran Conflict and Albion Prelude ) are like EVE in Single-player, though really they're a modern take on the old Elite games. It controls as a cockpit-seated flight Sim, and I'd advise you to be ware of that, but there is a proper, commodity based, dynamic economy operating in the background.

Its entirely possible, to end up operating a network of ships (from fighters and trading barges up to Capital ships) and stations across the game universe which is comprised of several dozen discrete systems. The recent games look great, but that does make them fairly system intensive, you'll want a Crysis capable machine.