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I've been playin a lot of indie games demos which i found on the net via a site called Manifesto games. They're really bringing in the innovation which i have been so looking for in games the recent years. I can wholeheartedly recomend you to check some of them out, and join the forum thread which i stared about Indie Game reviews.

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First Blog Post

Hi all,

I was just writing in my 'About Me' page, and it became so long and, well, interesting, i decided to post it here in my blog as well.

I'm an Interaction Designer from Malmö, Sweden. I was born in 1985 back in Poland, which at the time was still part of the Soviet Union. I don't remember much of it because the system fell before I was 5, but you hear stories... When I was 15 I moved to my mom in Sweden, and I still live here. If you want to read more about my life besides gaming, visit

 I'm a very passionate gamer and always aspired to make games, hence my choice of education. My adventures with video games started when i was so little i don't even remember my age specifically, with my .... black box imported from china that played games O.o i don't know what the hell it was, it had cartridges and a couple of levers, joysticks, and it played that game where you swing on ropes in a jungle to jump over lakes and avoid crocodiles.

Soon after i played mainly on my friends Commodore 64, which i can imagine waws pretty annoying for him as he was much older than me at the time, and was probably more interested in other things that some kid from the neighborhood that wants to play games on his system all the time. My first real 'computer' was an Amiga 600, which got me a long way into becoming a hardcore gamer. I remember the nights spent at Mortal Kombat, Lemmings, Premiere and Super Frog.... Interesting fact - original games where unavailable in Poland at that point, so i got all of my games from my family in Austria.

Then at some point my dad got our families first PC so he can do work on it. I wasn't really allowed to use it because my dad didn't want me to 'mess it up'. But i had an uncanny knack at taking care of the device, which i still have, making me the family’s and their friends PC technician :/ I remember when he first brought the thing home. It was disassembled, and he didn't have a clue about computers (still doesn’t), so he went to get a couple specialists to do it for him, leaving me alone in the house with the computer. When they came back, i have already managed to assemble and start the PC, to everybody’s amazement. It didn't have an OS yet so the technicians came in handy anyway.

Right now i own my very own 'pimped out' pc. You know the kind; it runs Vista in Dual Boot just to be able to play Crysis on Highest. I'm originally a hardcore Amiga fan boy, heavily participating in the 'Amiga/Atari' wars back in the day. Right now i can't say that i have an aliment. I'm mostly a PC gamer, but i own almost all of the consoles currently available at the market. Besides the PS3, because in my opinion it had a pretty worthless exclusive games library, which is only recently starting to improve. I'll probably get it with the releases of games such as Little Big Planet and Heavy Rain. My favorite console so far, besides the PC if you consider that a console, is the Nintendo Dual Screen.

I really dig the way this site is being run, and i plan on supporting it as much as i can by participating on it actively. I'm probably going to concentrate on reviews of less popular games, such as older games or Independent, or what i call 'Alternative Games'. I'm very much interested in innovation in games, so i'll report to you every time i find something unique. AAA titles already get so much coverage i don't think my opinion will even go noticed in the crowd. So don't expect me to review games like GTA4, even if it might happen every blue moon. Also in my reviews i'm not going to state how the games is, what features it has, because there is so much information about it out there already. Instead i will try to give you my honest opinion of the game, what works well in it and what doesn’t, and give it a recommendation if i deem it worthy ;)

I think this is the longest 'About Me' i have every written. But it is about games, so it's not hard to find stuff to write about.

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