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While I greatly enjoyed all of the nostalgic bits in the game, and loved the game itself once I beat it, most of the things you talk about are valid. But that microwave hallway was goddamned fucking harrowing. If I had to list the greatest gameplay moments of 2008, repeatedly hitting the X button through that hallway would easily be #1.

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Strange, considering, from what I've seen, all of the Elder Scrolls have taken place within the Emperor I-forget-his-name's lifetime, the one who died at the beginning of Oblivion.

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Hey, you're fightin' Scarecrow, and I bet you think his story arc will have a crazy awesome psychological boss figh- GO FIGHT MINIONS INSTEAD. 


Hey, you're fightin' Joker, he's really muscular and not really much like the Joker anymore, but hey, at least he'll make for a good boss figh- GO FIGHT MINIONS INSTEAD. 

So yeah, make your best bad guys have the best boss fights.
And actually make good boss fights in general. You know you did something wrong when the best boss fight in your Batman game is Killer Croc.
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I got it today, played a bit of it and enjoyed it despite a terrible headache. Will probably like it more tomorrow.

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Actually looks pretty cool, but I'm waiting on a retail pack for the 5 Fallout 3 DLCs, which would likely be way cheaper than it would be otherwise.

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I am commenting so that I might fight aliens fo' free.

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I was moved.

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I played it about a month after launch and fell in love with the PvP stuff. I've sort of been keeping up with the updates, and they seem to have improved a ton of things wrong with the game. I've been thinking about giving it another try for a long time now. Maybe that time will come again soon?

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While I don't consider it a bad movie, Taking Pelham 1 2 3 frustrated me. Like during some shots of a helicopter flying over the city or when the train was moving really fast, to make it look really actiony I guess, he made those scenes only a few frames. It just served to hurt my eyes. There was probably more there that annoyed me, but that's the only thing I can place right now.

I saw Transformers 2, and while I DO consider it a bad movie, I was in exactly the right mood to watch it, so nothing about it annoyed me, except for Megan Fox's bad acting for some reason. I mean, sure she's hot, but I mean, do they really have to play that up so much?

Public Enemies was mediocre, I felt. I didn't get much character out of anyone except the Baby-Face guy. Also, I got pretty confused about who was dying whenever shit went down, too. Also, he was supposed to be with a "Lady in Red" not a lady in peach or whatever they said. That shit is a LEGEND.

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I think it was trying to say that all of video game design, with it's fusing of ideas (represented through sex here) resulted in the birth of World of Warcraft.

Also, I can't fully explain how awesome the video as a whole is. Guybrush unfortunately getting stuck in Doom was definitely the best part for me, though Ryu and Guile growing facial hair was almost there.

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