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Just an update, if anyone wants to use the beat or rap on it, please at least give credit and contact me to show what you've done., also @CookieMonster said:

It was going alright until about 1:50. Then it very quickly went downhill.

It's not like I thought adding wubs legitimized the beat. Just a poke of fun at the ironic love for HEAVY DROPS between the bombsquad and Jeff's trackmania 2 server.

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@Chippy180 said:

I expected to hear a mangled mash-up of wub and Time, but instead was greeted with open arms by sir Brono. Fantastic job!

@jakob187 said:


What has been heard cannot be unheard...

...and I'm perfectly fine with that. = D

In short, this.

Goes to show what reputation dubstep remixes have around here! I just hope I did the song justice.

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@Fishstick said:

Hopefully this makes it into one of Jeff's Trackmania courses.

You have no idea what that would mean to me! I play Trackmania 2 like ERRY DAY so if Jeff wanted it as a shiny .ogg maybe I could provide him with a higher quality wav first.

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@Lone_f: Thanks! I take quite a bit of inspiration from both Nujabes and Phaeleh. I really also love FlyLo, Tokimonsta, Clams Casino, Ras G, Dilla etc.

You might be one of the first people to actually give helpful constructive feedback to me. That whole YIYIYIYWOWOWO part was more to giantbombify than make it a good beat, if someone were to want to rap on it I could extend it, change up percussion and take out the YOYOYO

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I was so inspired by the Endurance Run and by the 600 A.D. Theme I HAD to make this remix. Enjoy!

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Original was just too catchy! WUBWUBWUB If you think it's any good just give my EP a listen, it's really short and much more mellow/bassy

Edit: Please leave constructive feedback, especially if you didn't like it! All I want is to get better!

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innit 2 winnit

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ill call now

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cut him with fire

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Samuel Whacker