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I actually liked the fact that where was no clear end goal other than finding food and place to sleep for the night. That kind of objectiveless objective just throws the door completely open for anything to happen.

I agree with a lot of Alex's points, although conversely I really enjoyed the downtime before everything kicked off. I definitely wouldn't call it stalling because it was nice to spend effective time with these characters simply talking to each other about normal things rather than a life or death scenario as is so often the case.

Overall, I'd say this season is a tiny bit weaker than the first but I think they did a very admirable job considering the lofty expectations they'd set up for themselves.

Really hope you do a similar feature for the Game of Thrones series Alex, whenever that might grace us.

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@rorie: Yeah it works fine in an incognito tab, it must be adware on my end so, I'll have a look for anything suspicious. Thanks!

Edit: An extension by the name of "Vee HD plugin" was the culprit.

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So this has been happening for a while. I'm getting these awful ads at the top of pages, Chrome is telling me it's blocking pop ups from the site, and the video player is completely unresponsive as in nothing happens when I click play or try to interact with any other features like pin, quality change ect.

I'm on a Macbook running OS 10.8.3. Strangely these problems only occur in Chrome, if I use Safari everything is fine. There's some screenshots of the horrors below.


Pop up:

So what could be causing this? I've tried the usual clearing cache, cookies, logging in and out but the issues persist.

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It's working properly again for me, no more crazy times. Yay!

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I've been having the same issue. Interestingly, I'm also in Ireland.

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Has the 'coming up on Giant Bomb' section been a bit broken for anyone else for a while now?

For example, the next Unprofessional Fridays for me is scheduled for next Wednesday the 15th at 4:09am (it's usually at 11:30pm every Friday where I am). The other features are similarly listed for unusual times. Anyone else having this issue?

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Thanks for the Steam code, I got the third one.

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@Sweep: Why would they play for so long when they know it's going to get cut down? Very rarely are there cuts in quick looks, even when they have to go back to the dash or load into a new level to show off a different part of the game, there usually isn't a transition. I always got the impression that what we see is pretty much what they record, with a bit of fat trimmed at the beginning and end. And if they did have that much footage, I'd imagine we wouldn't get those rare train-wreck quick looks like Lego Batman 2.

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A new working link please!

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This isn't BioWare pandering to fan pressure, it's them reacting to external feedback and realising that their vision for the end of the game was deeply flawed. And yes, people will say "but it was their vision". That's fine but if what ultimately concerns them is pleasing their fanbase, then why shouldn't they be allowed a second shot? It's easy to loose yourself in an artistic endeavor that you pour yourself into and think you know how people will react.

Cut them some fucking slack, they botched the most important part of the trilogy (subjective, yes but the vast majority of people think so) and now they have the balls to admit that and are willing to give it another shot.