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@jaymorgoth said:
"Still...i would really have liked the game to go more in the direction of that movie pitch. That pitch has ruined MK for me cause it's all i want now... "

i am with you ... u can only do so much fantasy untill is just lame .. a really freash start, like the movie is what the games need
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OMG >.< i cant even think what to say .. that video make me come in a way i never been able to  .... 
i havent been this exited by a video game or movie for a long time ..... and sonya is 7of9 :D 
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man now i am sad i didnt get it on steam when it was on sale 
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please do another quick look now that the game is out  
thanks for the quick looks guys i love then and thanks to u i am thinking of getting ST online
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didnt greg just to work with jeff on the evil webside?

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omg .. i didnt finish this video because with the hanberger talk they make me hungree
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very professional jeff :D
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this is looking sweet