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So I'm a sailor...been out to sea for about 6-7 months. Just wondering whats happened on GB since I've been gone. Seems like a lot has changed. Whose this Dan guy? Why are Alex and Vinny doing a bunch of stuff together? I'm not saying any of this is bad, just want to catch up is all.

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I usually play games waaaay after they come out due to my schedule in the USN. I played this game during my recent deployment and it was great! I'm really surprised about the lack of coverage on this one. The puzzles were fun and the art style is just amazing. The boss battles are straight memorization, basically just keep dying until you learn the patterns. None of them went on for long enough for it to become tedious though. They are almost a homage to older games in that regard.

Anyway I just wanted to give my two cents on this game. If you're on the fence you should buy it.

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Just got back from deployment...and man...this bums me out.

I wanted to toast Ryan and figured the best way would be to drink that beer in the picture, anyone know what it is?

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I have 2 copies of Age of Empires 2 HD edition on steam. Not sure what I want for them, but offer something I don't have and I'll probably trade. I'm deployed right now so it might take a few days for me to respond. Please send all offers as a PM.


Also a copy of machinarium is apparently in my inventory so I'll trade that too. Great game

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So I just picked up a used 3DS and have no games, so I was shopping around:

Mario Kart 7 - $29.99 on Amazon, $39.99 on the E-shop

Super Mario 3D Land - $29.99 on Amazon, $39.99 on the E-shop

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Shadow Wars - $14.69 on Amazon, $29.99 on the E-shop

Whats the deal with these pricing differences?

EDIT: and if I buy a the cart is there a way to install the game onto the 3DS so I don't have to swap carts around?

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Anyone know of one?

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@49th said:

Clear cache, press CTRL + F5, refresh page, try again.

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So...being great at this video game is going to give you certification to drive a big rig on a real road?

Whats next? The best CoD player in the world bypasses BUD/S and becomes a Navy SEAL?

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Reviews and their scores are outdated. You really can never know if the person behind it is being paid to give it above a certain score...and I've played plenty of games my favorite reviewers have raved about but I've hated.

And for this post-release change of score...we should give Baldur's Gate a 10.1 since user-made patches allowed it to be played in BG2's engine. But seriously...a bigger change needs to happen.

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Vinny has said it numerous times and it really hasn't hit me until this SimCity bullshit brought to light.

We could write paragraphs about the bullshit going on...but what I think we need to have is a discussion about how to make it better. There's got to be a way to stop companies from burying shit on Google and making fake reviews on sites like Amazon. As a consumer, I don't necessarily think I'm entitled to the BEST dvd player ever when shopping on Amazon (Louie shoutout), but I am entitled to not be mislead by lies. There needs to be consequences to this stuff. I'm a little drunk posting this...and its a pretty ridiculous post, BUT what the fuck can we do? Why do we stand by and let this happen?