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143673 Just Cause 2 Game Overview 10/29/14 07:29PM 2 Approved
141278 Bridge Constructor Game Overview Adding 'Credits Menu option' concept to Bridge Constructor. 10/14/14 07:24AM 2 Approved
141277 Tiny Brains Game Overview Adding 'Head Jumping' concept to Tiny Brains. 10/14/14 07:23AM 2 Approved
141276 Gas Guzzlers Extreme Game Overview Adding 'Credits Menu option' concept to Gas Guzzlers Extreme 10/14/14 07:19AM 2 Approved
137635 GoD Factory: Wingmen Game Overview adding 'credits menu option' concept. 09/23/14 02:30AM 2 Approved
120163 Dynomite Deluxe Game Overview Just adding 'credits menu option' concept to Dynomite Deluxe. 07/07/14 04:01AM 2 Approved
120162 Dynomite Deluxe New Release 07/07/14 03:55AM 7 Approved
120161 Dynomite Deluxe Game Overview Adding credits to 'Dynomite Deluxe', as well as 'John Raptis' to the database. 07/07/14 03:48AM 18 Approved
99105 10000000 Game Overview Adding Nathan Walton, Lee Marco, Theo Leventis and Matthew Klingensmith to Ten Million and the database. 04/09/14 07:27PM 48 Approved
99103 Reign of Fire Game Overview Adding 'Credits Menu Option' concept to Reign of Fire. 04/09/14 07:20PM 2 Approved
88242 Underworlds New Release 02/13/14 11:43AM 7 Approved
85483 Barry Steakfries Character Overview Simply adding 'Jetpack' to Barry Steakfriws list of objects. 01/29/14 07:36PM 4 Approved
85482 Monster Dash Game Overview just adding motorcycle, rocket launcher and submachine gun objects. (all powerups in this game) 01/29/14 07:30PM 12 Approved
85479 Monster Dash Game Overview Adding some basic text for the main wiki. and adding Jetpack Joyride tp the Similar Games list. 01/29/14 07:21PM 102 Approved
85477 Paint it Back Game Overview Added Platform Genre and Developer to Game Detais, along some basic text for the main wiki page. 01/29/14 07:15PM 54 Approved
85474 Paint it Back Game Releases Adding developer Casual Labs to uk iphone release. 01/29/14 06:51PM 4 Approved
85473 Casual Labs Company Overview Filling in some company details of Casual Labs. 01/29/14 06:50PM 38 Approved
85222 Casual Labs Company Overview Makers of Paint it Back, for iOS android and Mac platforms. http://www.casuallabs.com 01/28/14 07:05PM 10 Approved
85220 Paint it Back New Release 01/28/14 07:01PM 7 Approved
85219 Paint it Back Game Overview adding 'pixel art', 'free to play', 'In game achievement menu', 'achievements' and 'credit menu option' concepts to Paint It Back. 01/28/14 06:56PM 20 Approved
85211 Fishdom Game Overview Adding some objects purchasable for aquarium decoration. 01/28/14 06:47PM 16 Approved
85209 Fishdom Game Overview wanted to check 'Block Matching' concept page before adding it. Here it is. 01/28/14 06:38PM 2 Approved
85207 Fishdom Game Overview Adding 'Credits Menu Option' oncept to Fishdom. They've put out an iOS version, someone help me! 01/28/14 06:36PM 4 Approved
85204 Sleeping Dogs Game Overview adding 'Will Accept Other Buttons' concept and 'Credits Menu Option' concept. 01/28/14 06:33PM 4 Approved
84205 FlatOut 2 Game Overview Adding 3 'Flatout 2' credits and welcoming "Juho Kontio" and "Reko Nokkanen" to the database. 01/25/14 07:05PM 26 Approved
84203 FlatOut 2 Game Overview Adding 'credits menu option' concept 01/25/14 06:59PM 2 Approved
79195 Rock Band 3 Game Overview Adding 'Aaron DeMuth', 'Matt Durso', 'Erin Young' and 'Michael Georgeson' to RB3 and the database. Extra info for Noah Berkley. 01/05/14 01:25PM 54 Approved
79187 Space Jam Game Overview Just 1 credit in datatbase already. 01/05/14 12:49PM 2 Approved
79179 Space Jam Game Overview Adding 'Tom Carbone' and 'James Webdon' to Space Jam and the database. 01/05/14 12:32PM 24 Approved
79175 Space Jam Game Overview Adding 7 credits for Space Jam, all in database already. 01/05/14 12:21PM 14 Approved
79171 The Sims 2 New Release 01/05/14 12:08PM 7 Approved
79162 Barbie Dreamhouse Party Game Overview Adding Credits Menu Option, Artificial Intelligence and Unlockables concepts to Barbie DreamHouse Party. (Damn you MaxTemkin!) 01/05/14 11:56AM 6 Approved
79159 The Sims 2 Game Overview Adding 'credits menu option' concept. (On main screen of PS2 release) 01/05/14 11:48AM 2 Approved
78313 Space Jam Game Overview seven more Space Jam credits. 12/30/13 04:05AM 14 Approved
78311 Space Jam Game Overview adding 4 Space Jam credits. Mark, John, Omar and Altair Lane. Info from TNT 04/25/13. 12/30/13 03:02AM 8 Approved
78310 Scott Hanks Person Overview Ading his tester credit for space jam. Info from TNT 04/25/13. 12/30/13 02:43AM 4 Approved
78308 NHL Breakaway 98 Game Overview adding Credits Menu Option concept to NHL breakaway 98. 12/30/13 02:17AM 2 Approved
77721 Saints Row IV Game Overview adding 'Production Babies' and 'Will Accept Other Buttons' concepts. 12/27/13 03:47PM 4 Approved
77720 Alter Echo Game Overview Crediting three Alter Echo artists not yet in the database, Bart Kaufman, Joe Jobst and Dion Hopkins. 12/27/13 03:36PM 36 Approved
68347 Toy Story 3: The Video Game Game Overview Adding 'credits menu option' concept 11/13/13 06:37PM 2 Approved